Attack Moth of Doom

I was helping my mom with a problem on the computer, and took a break to check on something in my room. As I opened the door, a moth came out and flew in my face, then ran off and sat on the wall.

I gathered the medium-to-large sized moth up in my hands, intending to release him outside. My mom’s computer was on the way to the back door, so I figured I’d show her the moth. I walked up to her with my hands cupped together, and held them in front of her.

“Isn’t not going to attack me, is it?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said sarcastically.

I slowly uncupped my hands so I wouldn’t make it fly away, but it still did, and went straight for her neck. She screamed, it fluttered around there for a bit, then went for the ceiling.

Then she started hitting me. She always does that when I scare her. And I’m usually laughing too hard to fight back. It’s just not fair.