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Best Practical Joke

I’m filling out some scholarship stuff (a scholarship is where people give you money to go to college with the purpose promoting themselves in some form), and I ran across one that was very interesting. They didn’t want me to answer the generic questions, “Why do you want to go to school and how would this money help you?” They answered some rather unique ones. One of them, which I will answer now, is:

Describe the best practical joke that you have ever pulled on someone or that someone else has pulled on you.

One morning many years ago I found myself awake at an early hour. It was a school day, so I would be going to school and my mother to work. My mother is not a morning person, and was still asleep. I calmly walked into her bedroom, and I knew she was paying attention because her eyes opened barely long enough to see I wasn’t an axe murderer than closed again. I knelt by her bed, saying, “It’s ok mom. I already called the fire department. You can sleep a few minutes longer.” Thirty seconds later her eyes shot open.

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