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  • Random Email

    Just got an email. Figured I’d post it here.

    From: Emanon Inc <*removed*@gmail.com>
    To: sticks@wolfenet.com
    Date: Jun 22, 2005 12:44 PM
    Subject: Greatly Offended In The Worst Concievable Way

    I am writing to bring to your attention that your website is so fantastically retarded I myself considered suicide upon viewing it. It was so mind shatteringly depressing I found myself locked in my room crying and begging any diety for his mercy on my soul as I was absolutly certain that upon said viewing of your site I was convinced that my eternal being was damned to a firery eternity in Hell. Please consider removing your site from this plane of existance and better all man kind.

    Or just give us 15 dollars. Stupidity Tax.

    Emanon Inc.
    Makers Of The MediPatch
    CEO Patrick K. Duffy
    CFO Kade C. Johnson
    and Company

    I removed an unnecessary PS regarding some non-existant feminine disease involving teeth. They misspelled it anyway. Also, this is regarding my old domain emanon.org, which I made back when I was in the Gargoyles fandom. Hope you guys enjoy the email as much as I did!

  • The Start of Trivium

    Well, I woke up this morning (at 1:30am) wide awake and with an inspirational idea.

    I’m going to start another webcomic! What? I’m a fool? Well, maybe. But there’s a reason for it, and I feel this reason is valid enough.

    Morrowind Comic, the way I’ve made it, requires a full-page of art and all kinds of mean nasty stuff. I think I’ve outdone my abilities on it. I hate not finishing things I start, so I’m not going to stop work on that. But I have a little more free time and a little more confidence, and a higher drive to become better at art. The advice I keep getting from my friends is practice, practice, practice. With Morrowind comic I practice about once every week and a half.

    This comic I’m making, called Trivium Entertainment, will be about a video game company. It will be silly, update daily, be a simple 3-panelish style comic, black and white, and hopefully be baby steps and tiny bites enough that I can work on it “daily”. Working on a Morrowind Comic issues takes hours upon hours for me. I put too much into it. So by making something like this, it should be less serious for me, and easier to do!

    I may not be able to explain it properly, but I got inspiration and I’m not putting it down when I got it. To start up another webcomic while I’ve got these two going without having more skill, time, and resources… now that would be lunacy. But this is just foolish. I can handle foolish.

  • Todo List

    Page is cleaned up a little. You can get to all the content using the navigation bar, though it’s not as easy to get back once you go there.

    Working on a system to create and update pages and section easier. Going to take a little thought.


    • Gallery engine
    • News engine
    • Easy way to manage navigation links general header/footers from any directory