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  • Server Upgrade

    I recently installed a new operating system on this server. For a long while it was running on FreeBSD. Unfortunately, many of the things I wanted to do didn’t run as well as I’d have liked them to do.

    The new server sports some additional security measures, which were quite fun to figure out how to work with. It’s also Linux-based, rather than BSD-based, which gives me better compatibility with the game servers I want to run.

    I think I’ve gotten most of the quirks worked out of this, but if anyone notices something not working that should, just let me know.

  • Site Upgraded to WordPress

    I’ve been wanting add a number of features to the blog for some time. From adding comments, to properly linking to and from other blogs, RSS feed, etc. WordPress is a famous pieces of blog software that lets me host it on my own servers, and still interact well with others.

    All of the old posts from my custom brewed blog software have been converted into WordPress, and are available in the archives. I’ve repaired some of the old links that I noticed, but some of them are broken beyond repair — sites or things they refer to simply don’t exist anymore.

    There is a list of things I would like to blog about. Various topics, philosophical or otherwise interesting to me, and I hope to eventually get to all of them.

    The look and layout of the site may change at various points in the near future while I find an arrangement of things I’m happy with and that is comfortable to work with.

  • Another Year in a Wheelbarrel

    Site’s paid for through next year. Long live the site!

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  • Domain skaarjonastick.com Expiring

    Way back in the day, Network Solutions was the only company that could sell domain names. The lack of options was nice, and no one realized that the price was really high. But this was considered a monopoly and has since been changed so that there are hundreds of sites that sell domain names.

    This is great news! It’s never been easier to register a domain name, with competitive features and pricing to give you all sorts of places to choose to spend your money at.

    This is horrible news! It’s never been easier to register a domain name. So people do so, quickly and often, and then sit on them expecting you to doll out tons of cash since they “got it first.”

    But domain swatters are just a pet peeve. I mention them because skaarjonastick.com is expiring. (And will thus be bought by some swatter hoping that I simply forgot to register it and want to pay them tons of cash to get it back. Ha.) I did a quick check of the logs, and about the only person that uses it anymore is the IP address Why do I freely give out this IP address in an age where people are paranoid about personally identifiable information? Because it’s a spammer. I’ve banned them from my miniforum already, but they continue to try to post three or four times a day.

    So anyway, Network Solution is the registrar I purchased my original domain from: skaarjonastick.com. And it expires on October… something-or-other. I see three options before me.

    1) Throw away US$35 to Network Solutions for their overpriced service. I had to click through four pages “buy this, too!” before getting to the re-registration information. I’m so glad it wasn’t my dad, because he would have clicked all the boxes and select things in the drop downs and ended up paying hundreds of dollars instead of figuring out how things really work.

    2) Pay GoDaddy US$10 to transfer the registration over to them (getting me another year of the domain usage). At least, I THINK that’s the cost. Their site doesn’t seem to be working right now.

    3) Forget about it, since no one uses that domain name anymore, and stick with skaarj.com.

    One of these things requires no effort. Can you guess which one I’m going to do?

    So thus, I am making this post to say that as of October something-or-other skaaronastick.com will no longer work to access my website and you must use skaarj.com, which everyone already seems to be doing already. Great job, guy! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Miniforum History Fixed

    As many of you know, I don’t use the commonly available shoutboxes or whatever they’re calling them these days. I prefer to control the code and information myself, even if it means things get done slowly or tend to not work… perfectly. So I created my own little version and I called it the “miniforum.”

    It worked fine, for a bit. Then we hit 900 posts and it got a little confused about what it was supposed to do. I knew what it was supposed to do, but apparently I didn’t explain it quite clear enough.

    Of course, the 900 posts confusion didn’t really cause an actual problem. It wasn’t until about 2MBs of posts were made that PHP decided it wasn’t funny anymore and stopped laughing.

    I’ve returned PHP’s good humor and the chatboxes/miniforums/whatever should now be in good working order. Please notify me if there are any problems. Thanks.

  • New Server, New Promises

    There was an electrical problem today and it caused the router and cable modem to be offline for an hour or two. When they came back up, my Comcast IP of some time was no longer my IP. I called Comcast and they said that the “persistent IP” feature that I was counting on hasn’t been offered for years, which means a reliable IP address is no longer something I can rely on.

    What this means to you, is that I can no longer host websites out of my house. Which makes me very sad. If you’re reading this, it means I’ve moved to a different host. And since I’m not dealing with everything myself, that has the potential to involve other people in the dangers of using Epic‘s intellectual property: the name “Skaarj.”

    In an effort to ward off any potential lawsuits, I’m going to play the “fansite” card and try to hide behind it. To begin, I’ll include the following, replayed from Epic’s fansite policy:

    Section 2 — Disclaimer

    2.1 Epic requires that a disclaimer be used in conjunction with your use of Epic IP. The required disclaimer is provided below. You must display the disclaimer on each web page of your Fan Site and on any web page containing your Fan Art, as well as on the Fan Art itself.

    “Portions of the materials used are ®, ™,(mr), and/or (mc) Epic Games, Inc., and/or copyrighted works of Epic Games, Inc., in the United States of America and elsewhere. All rights reserved, Epic Games, Inc. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Epic Games, Inc.”

    Assuming that the name “Skaarj” is Epic Intellectual Property, the above disclaimer is now displayed on the site, and will be included in the footer of every page before it scrolls off the front page updates. I’ll have to put that in the fanarts, too, it seems.

    Hope that works!

    Edit 25/09/2011: Skaarj is not a registered trademark, and you cannot copyright a name. I believe there are some laws out there specifically regarding domain names. But I don’t know the specifics.

  • Gimpystick Wiki Online


    I used valuable time that may have been better spent elsewhere, but I’ve got a little of stage 1 and the hard part of stage 2 on my master plan for Gimpystick done.

    Stage 1 is about reminding the members what the rules are so we’ll remember what we’re there for.

    Stage 2 involves taking all of the good critique and advice that’s floating around the Gimpystick comment board and consolidating it into one area. A wiki is the easiest format, so we have an Art Wiki!

    Stage 3 involves making it much easier to comment. That is, BBcode, inline images, and linking to the wiki. My goal is to auto-link to the wiki, so if someone says “your local value should be lighter than your reflected light” it will automatically give links so people know what the heck is being said. Vocabulary is important!

    Once I finish that, I’ll have to figure out what to do next.


  • I Have a History

    I went and added a “past” to my blog posts. I also decided I might as well get around to calling it a blog, since that’s probably the best name for it.

    You can also link to a news post directly if you wish, by clicking the Direct Link text next to the date of the post.

    Even if no one else ever uses it, I know I will.

  • Closing Up the Comics

    I’m closing up both my comics. They’ll likely be down for at least four years (college, remember?), perhaps forever. You never know what’ll happen on Christmas or summer breaks, though — but there’s no way I can make any promises at this point.

    Just for the record, I don’t want to do this. I’d love to continue drawing these comics forever. But in truth, I should have given up in the middle of last January when I started having a lot of trouble updating them. I just never know when to quit, so I keep making promises to myself and others I can never seem to keep. However, I believe it’s more important to have hope and goals that may never happen than to have none at all. The hard part is getting back on the horse every time you fall off, because it seems to happen a lot.

    There’s a “closed” filler up for the Trivium comic. I’m sure the transparent symbology used will be visible to anyone who sees it (lol, motel6). I’m still trying to figure out what to do for the Morrowind comic.

  • Gimpystick New Members and Updates

    We’ve had three people join Gimpystick since I last made an announcement, bringing the total active members up to 11. To be honest, I never expected Gimpystick to get, in a year, as big as it is now. I guess there’s more demand for this than I thought.

    The new members of Gimpystick are Smight, sunshine_ley, and Kagrenak! Welcome to our little community!

    I have also just given Gimpystick an update. By popular demand (well, one friend threatened to do it himself if I didn’t), I have released the ability to leave comments earlier than anticipated. I’ve also redone the way the date displays work to hopefully be more readable and useful. Feedback is appreciated.

    Up and coming features include:
    -“non-artist” accounts so everyone can leave comments
    -more features for comments, such as notification when new comments or a reply to one of your comments are received.

    Further-out features include:
    -private messages (PMs)
    -upload preview
    -Gimpystick showcase