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48. ... And Then Everybody Died - Thursday, May 11th, 2006
... And Then Everybody Died
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To be sure, I really have no idea what I'm doing. Anyone who has heard me announce one thing, and seen me do another, and then seen me flounder around wondering what was going on knows this very well.

My round robin update schedule, for those that follow Trivium, lasted a whole two weeks. I made a deal with a friend from http://www.enhunno.com/ that if I updated Trivium three times a week (he likes Trivium) he would begin and update his comic at least twice a week (to begin with). In order to keep that deal going, I had to shirk on the Morrowind Comic and update Trivium a couple times in a row.

Like always, I have no idea what waits for me in the next week. I'm not seeing any time on Monday to work on the comic, and if I do find time I don't expect to get past a sketch. I'll see what I can do Tuesday to update the comic, but it really doesn't seem appropriate to go back to black and white after a comic like this, so I'll have to color it. And there's probably not enough free time on Tuesday to get it colored.

So we'll see what happens. Tuesday or Wednesday I'm hoping will be happy days for updating.

Stickman - Sunday, May 21st, 2006 - 04:42pm


There were a lot of remarks in the mini-forum, and there's not enough room to reply to them all in there. So I'm going to take an approach I've seen done elsewhere and respond to them using a medium that I can easily expand to any length I desire. I am, however, feeling rather long-winded.

First, I would like to thank everyone for the exceptional response I have received for this latest comic. I am very happy with this comic, myself. There are a number of things I know that are wrong with it -- either visible to the passing observer, or lore facts that I picked up later and found I was mistaken regarding them. But I'm still very pleased with how well it turned out and believe it to be the best piece I've made to date in anything art.

The effect on the portal is a simple Photoshop filter. Let this be a lesson to everyone -- well used filters can look nice and even add to a piece of work. But this is the first time I have ever used a Photoshop filter in a picture like this, namely because it was never called for before.

Regarding dates... the last update before this was May 4th. That's ONE WEEK before this one. Before that was April 29th, less than a week before that. I updated three times in April, which is one comic short of once a week. I understand that there have been long waits in the past, but please give me credit when credit is due. I'm not chiding anybody -- I'm just saying that recent facts are in favor of a forecast of future updates. Feel free to get your hopes up. (They're more fun to dash when they're up.)

The creature stepping out of the portal is known as the Daedroth Lord Hircine, God of the Hunt. For those unaware, "Daedra" is a plural, and "Daedroth" is a singular. The Elder Scrolls game characters even get it wrong, though. By design. It's supposed to be a well misunderstood fact of the language. To describe Hircine in non-lore terms, he's "the evil super-powered extra-dimensional being that controls werewolves and plays games with mortal lives."

Since not everyone is familiar with the Bloodmoon plot, I'll take this time to explain the particular quest we're currently on. Stickman was sent on a quest to uncover a weapon smuggling ring in a nearby cave. In the game world, when you return from the cave, the fort has a few walls torn down and everyone is reduced to babbling idiots. And the captain is gone. Reports are that werewolves came and kidnapped him. In the comic, Stickman and Captain Carius successfully repelled the werewolf attack because they knew it was coming. Hircine is not happy about this. Enter Hircine. Read title: "...And Then Everybody Died." Not really, but things don't look good for our hero. We already know he survives, though. Mostly.

Stickman - Friday, May 12th, 2006 - 03:31am

Holy Batman

This took a little longer than I anticipated, but I really didn't want to introduce a Daedra Lord without giving him some kind of neat looking intro.

Stickman - Thursday, May 11th, 2006 - 03:35am

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