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51. Skulls: Fastest Way to a Nord's Heart - Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
Skulls: Fastest Way to a Nord's Heart
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Bypassing the Scanner

A few days ago my scanner decided it was going to stop working. It was a beautiful HP Scanjet 6100C with 8.5x14" surface area and a SCSI hookup. It was fast and effective, and I loved it. A friend gave it to me many, many years ago (a decade or more, I think), and it has served me faithfully all this time. It shall be missed.

In other news, this guy named Ember is moving over here from Vermont and says I can use his scanner when he gets here. It's an 11x17" flatbed. Just what I always wanted!

In the meantime, I'm resorting to using my digital camera. It stretches, skews, and distorts the image, and it also comes out really dark. But that's just for the sketch for computer inking, so it hopefully won't cause too many problems.

Left to finish the next page is: inking, coloring, dialog. I'm hitting the sack now, and will hopefully finish the next comic sometime next week.

Stickman - Saturday, June 23rd, 2007 - 10:05pm

Hey, look over there!

It's an update! WOO!

I'm late and gotta run. BYE!

Stickman - Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 - 06:07pm

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