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59. Somnambulist Expositionary - Saturday, January 10th, 2009
Somnambulist Expositionary
Stickman's a were-gargoyle, as explained in page 32.
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What Happens When It's Over?

Tighearna asked what happens to the site when I finish the comic. While the actual ending is a ways off (I still have the main storyline to go through after I finish the Bloodmoon storyline), I think the questions hidden behind that are these:

-Will the site and content stay online when the comic is finished?
-Will the shoutbox stay accessible?

For the first, I am a big fan of content on the internet not dying. I think highly of artistic content, and I am pained when wonderful collections of it disappear from the internets.

While I may not value highly my own work -- especially my early work -- I know that other may see value in it. I have no intention of taking this site offline. It is not very expensive to upkeep, so it should remain alive for a long time to come.

As for question two, I kept the Trivium shoutbox alive for... what... a year after people stopped posting in it? Though that was mostly because I was lazy, I expect the same thing to happen to this shoutbox.

The real problem at hand is not how long the shoutbox will remain open, but how will the little community survive if there's no new content to bring people here? I have no major plans to solve that issue, but I have some minor ideas. I'll deal with the issue when the time comes. It may be less or more of a problem by then.

And last of all, the question I didn't write above, is what am I going to do with myself after I finish this webcomic?

I have ideas for other webcomics I want to do. They may not be as interesting to the current visitors as the Morrowind Comic, and they will not be "fan comics" of other games. I really like the idea of truly owning what I create, and since this comic uses things that are copyrighted by Bethesda, I cannot sell it, nor call it entirely my own creation. I'm not particularly fond of that idea, especially for how much effort goes into it.

When I first started this comic, I did so with the intention of making something I would enjoy (which I am) and plowing ahead into the comic world, ready and willing to make every mistake in the book so I could learn from them. And I did.

Now I just have to finish it.

Stickman - Sunday, January 11th, 2009 - 11:57pm

moar comic plz

i kan haz comick?

Taller than normal. If I'd supported it better in this old comic engine, I would have split it into multiple images so I could get less compression artifacts when trying to make the file less than a meg.

And I rather liked the panel borders on page 52 so I figured I'd try that again and see how well it worked.

I think that brings us down to three more pages until we're done with Solstheim?

Stickman - Saturday, January 10th, 2009 - 10:19am

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