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No, why. Or rather the plural version: whys. Is that a word?

This is the page where I put the 'why' questions that people probably won't ask, but I have a good reason for.

Why are you making a webcomic?

I like art. It's so purty. Other people are pretty good with art, but I'm not so hot. And how does one improve their skill in something? Why, practice! Seeing as I have a terrible time practicing, and I really would like to get better at the talent they call art, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give myself a little pressure by 1) making my work publically available and 2) having a deadline of things to draw.

There you have it. The main reason I'm making a webcomic is to practice my artistic skills. Of course, I'd be lying to say there aren't other reasons, but they're secondary. Besides--who ever heard of someone getting rich and famous through a webcomic?

Why two days a week?

I thought about doing a daily comic, but realized that it was totally beyond me. If I tried that I'd spend all day doing this--which is more time than I want to practice. Props to those that are able to do this, though. I don't know how they do.

I thought about doing a weekly comic, but realized that I didn't like how long they kept me hanging. Don't get me wrong--some excellent comics are weekly, but the suspense kills me.

Finally I settled on two times a week. Perhaps because I'm somewhat lazy. But it's what I picked.

Why aren't you updating two days a week?

WHOA! This is still here? I'm kinda at 'once a week if I have time that week' right now. As of a few days ago (today being... er... April 1st) I decided to focus more on art. I've also started up a second webcomic that I update daily. I figure... if I'm going to update that thing daily, I oughta update this one a bit more, too. So hopefully I can get 'at least once a week to stick'. But no promises!

Why a Morrowind-based comic?

Well, Morrowind was a pretty cool game. I liked it. In fact, I'm heading up a project to add werewolves into the game. But the real truth why I picked a Morrowind comic is much more sinister.

The internet needs more quality lizard-based comics. There is an awful nice one out there already called Lizard (now finished), but it has some mature themes and such. (And I found another one!) I actually had a great idea for a lizard comic. And I figure to balance it out I could also do a one/two times a week werewolf comic which I also had some great ideas about. I think my ideas were even somewhat unique! How about that. But then I realized... I can't draw worth beans! So I didn't do those neat ideas I had. I've put them on hold and I occasionally play with and refine them. Rather than not do them at all I decided to practice with a 'throw-away' comic. That is what you see. Sinister, aren't I?

Why does your site suck?

I've made a few sites before. I'd say they're awful dang good, actually. But this one's awful. The truth is, I can code nicely and even make websites fetch my slippers, but I can't design them. I either need some amazing inspiration or someone else to design them for me. I'm fine then. I also bring my sister clothes shopping with me, too, or random people end up laughing at me on the street.

UPDATE: It doesn't suck anymore! And you can't say it does, 'cause I didn't make this layout. People that do things for me for free don't do sucky work.

Why haven't you named your comic yet?

Wait, what? I'm supposed to name it? ... Whoops.

UPDATE: Actually, it kinda developed a name. "Morrowind Comic". Simple, but it works!

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