Current Game Plan

I want to lay down for myself (and so others can see) what it is I currently have planned. Please keep in mind that while I’m getting better at judging what I can do and when, this list is subject to me being lazy or busy or both. If there’s something you like on the list, cross your fingers. Or bug me about it. Either way. My current attitude is shifting more towards a focus on Gimpystick.

Immediate plans: Sit in the magic massage chair for a good 10 minutes, then finish the Anatomy assignment due for class tomorrow. Then sleep.

Weekish plans:
-Catch up on my schoolwork that was painfully effected by the snow (More snow by morning! Woo. … Yay.)
-Add the necessary polish to the Seawolf boats in SecondLife to get them released
-Finish up Trivium and put the closing capstone stuff on it so it’s over

Pre-summer plans
-Pass all of my classes at DigiPen.
-Update Gimpystick (quick and easy usability features)
a) Make comments easier to use and reply to
b) Auto-scale image option on upload
c) Spell-checker
-Do Morrowind Comics whenever able (probably not)
-Play Ocarina of time when I’m lazy and not busy

Summer plans
-Start and complete the next Seawolf project in SL
-Finish the Morrowind Comic
-Update and universalize look and feel of website
-Get fun new features into Gimpystick
-Beat Ocarina of Time if not done yet, and Wind Waker
-Beat Twilight Princess again
-Spore, UT2k7, check out Stalker

I don’t think there’s enough time in the summer for all of that, but I can’t think past summer right now so it goes there.