Domain Expiring

Way back in the day, Network Solutions was the only company that could sell domain names. The lack of options was nice, and no one realized that the price was really high. But this was considered a monopoly and has since been changed so that there are hundreds of sites that sell domain names.

This is great news! It’s never been easier to register a domain name, with competitive features and pricing to give you all sorts of places to choose to spend your money at.

This is horrible news! It’s never been easier to register a domain name. So people do so, quickly and often, and then sit on them expecting you to doll out tons of cash since they “got it first.”

But domain swatters are just a pet peeve. I mention them because is expiring. (And will thus be bought by some swatter hoping that I simply forgot to register it and want to pay them tons of cash to get it back. Ha.) I did a quick check of the logs, and about the only person that uses it anymore is the IP address Why do I freely give out this IP address in an age where people are paranoid about personally identifiable information? Because it’s a spammer. I’ve banned them from my miniforum already, but they continue to try to post three or four times a day.

So anyway, Network Solution is the registrar I purchased my original domain from: And it expires on October… something-or-other. I see three options before me.

1) Throw away US$35 to Network Solutions for their overpriced service. I had to click through four pages “buy this, too!” before getting to the re-registration information. I’m so glad it wasn’t my dad, because he would have clicked all the boxes and select things in the drop downs and ended up paying hundreds of dollars instead of figuring out how things really work.

2) Pay GoDaddy US$10 to transfer the registration over to them (getting me another year of the domain usage). At least, I THINK that’s the cost. Their site doesn’t seem to be working right now.

3) Forget about it, since no one uses that domain name anymore, and stick with

One of these things requires no effort. Can you guess which one I’m going to do?

So thus, I am making this post to say that as of October something-or-other will no longer work to access my website and you must use, which everyone already seems to be doing already. Great job, guy! Keep doing what you’re doing!