Gimpystick Wiki Online


I used valuable time that may have been better spent elsewhere, but I’ve got a little of stage 1 and the hard part of stage 2 on my master plan for Gimpystick done.

Stage 1 is about reminding the members what the rules are so we’ll remember what we’re there for.

Stage 2 involves taking all of the good critique and advice that’s floating around the Gimpystick comment board and consolidating it into one area. A wiki is the easiest format, so we have an Art Wiki!

Stage 3 involves making it much easier to comment. That is, BBcode, inline images, and linking to the wiki. My goal is to auto-link to the wiki, so if someone says “your local value should be lighter than your reflected light” it will automatically give links so people know what the heck is being said. Vocabulary is important!

Once I finish that, I’ll have to figure out what to do next.