How to Catch a Mouse

In nine easy steps. Click the images to open another window with a larger version.

Step 1:
Please a mousetrap under the sink.

Step 2:
When the mouse triggers the mousetrap, rush to it, only to find that it was too smart to actually get caught and is running around under the sink.

Step 3:
Throw a bowl on top of it.
Optional: Place something heavy on top of the bowl.

Step 4:
Stick something under the bowl, like a plate, to seal the mouse in.

Step 5:
Realize the plate isn’t flat enough when the mouse gets out. Panic and try to catch him under the plate. Become shocked when the plate is not the bowl. Then recapture the mouse under the bowl.

Step 6:
Slide something clear and flat under the bowl, like a ziplock bag.

Step 7:
Tape it up.

No, really. Go wild!

Step 8:
Take some pictures of the mouse through the clear plastic.

Step 9:
Drive a few miles away and let it go, because you’re too squeamish to kill it.