Minecraft Server Logs

I had a Minecraft server a while back called Minestick. It was a lot of fun, but eventually I ran out of time, and moved on to other adventures. I did, however, save a number of log snippets that I found humorous. Let me share them with you.

Messages marked “Server” or “Console” were typed from the command console the dedicated server was running on. Hopefully you’re familiar enough with slash commands to know what’s going on with them.


2010-11-25 08:46:13[INFO] [CONSOLE] When I get a proper blog up, I am going to write a treatise about the psychological impact on physical locomotion restrictions regarding Minecraft players and the spawn point.
2010-11-25 08:46:21 [INFO] [CONSOLE] Until that time, live with /sethome and /home and trust me. It’s more fun.


2010-12-03 06:43:55 [INFO] Command used by DaemonKrog /tell alacerfox are you server?
2010-12-03 06:44:06[INFO] Command used by alacerfox /msg daemonkrog nope
2010-12-03 06:44:35[INFO] Command used by DaemonKrog /tell alacerfox oh ok sorry
2010-12-03 06:44:52[INFO] Command used by alacerfox /msg daemonkrog np been called worse


2010-12-24 00:59:32[INFO] <googler> toad yells out DIAMONDS! but has no iron picks
2010-12-24 00:59:49 [INFO]<googler> So Adam teleports to toad and takes his dimonds yelling LOLOLOLOLOLOOL
2010-12-24 00:59:50 [INFO]<googler> hahahahahahahaha
2010-12-24 00:59:52[INFO]<googler> HASHAHAHAHAH
2010-12-24 01:00:09[INFO]<googler> So toad in his sadness looks around and yells again “MORE DIAMONDS”
2010-12-24 01:00:23[INFO]<googler> So adam tp’s to toad again, but toad was standing over lava, so adam died


[CONSOLE] I beat Minecraft once. The ending was neat.
2011-01-07 14:38:19[INFO] <Serevet> The last block in Minecraft always beats me :(


2011-01-14 05:41:27[INFO] Mitnighter [/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:49293] logged in with entity id 1348717
2011-01-14 05:41:30[INFO] [CONSOLE] AutoMsg: Saving. Please wait 10-50 seconds.
2011-01-14 05:41:32[INFO] CONSOLE: Forcing save..
2011-01-14 05:41:33[INFO] CONSOLE: Save complete.
2011-01-14 05:41:33[INFO] [CONSOLE] AutoMsg: Temporary world until Sunday. Will not be grafted into the old world.
2011-01-14 05:41:53[INFO] Mitnighter tried command: home
2011-01-14 05:41:58[INFO] <Mitnighter> holy sit?
2011-01-14 05:42:03[INFO] <Mitnighter>  *shit?
2011-01-14 05:42:07[INFO] <Mitnighter>  where the hack
2011-01-14 05:42:18[INFO] <Mitnighter>  is the old map?
05:42:56[INFO] [CONSOLE] You literally logged in to see the message explaining the question you just asked.


2011-01-28 01:47:20[INFO] [CONSOLE] AutoMsg: Restarting server in two minutes.
2011-01-28 01:47:20[INFO] getYOUiWiLL tried command: sethome
2011-01-28 01:47:22[INFO] [CONSOLE] AutoMsg: You can enter craft.minestick.com into the IP box to reconnect after restart.
2011-01-28 01:47:23 [INFO] Aerospace tried command: panic


2011-02-25 02:18:09[INFO] <SomeStayDry> I don’t even know how to computer :D
2011-02-25 02:18:39[INFO] [CONSOLE] I computer.
2011-02-25 02:18:46[INFO] [CONSOLE] I computer all the time.
2011-02-25 02:18:52[INFO] [CONSOLE] I’m a pro computerer.
2011-02-25 02:19:05[INFO] <SomeStayDry> i’ve only computered once…


2011-03-09 20:17:34[INFO] <CousinNed> hey, if you need someone to OP, just know this. I am not interested
2011-03-09 20:17:47[INFO] [CONSOLE] Thanks for the heads up, Ned.
2011-03-09 20:17:57[INFO] [CONSOLE] You’re on my list.
2011-03-09 20:18:00[INFO] [CONSOLE] But I won’t tell you what list.
2011-03-09 20:18:04[INFO] <CousinNed> uh oh
2011-03-09 20:18:06[INFO] <TOADnZACK> ooooooo
2011-03-09 20:18:06[INFO] <jlshearer> LMAO
2011-03-09 20:18:07[INFO] <Crock272> Hit list
2011-03-09 20:18:09[INFO] <jlshearer> haha
2011-03-09 20:18:16[INFO] <TOADnZACK> naughty list?;}
2011-03-09 20:18:18 [INFO] <CousinNed> please be free pancake list
2011-03-09 20:18:22[INFO] <TOADnZACK> lmao
2011-03-09 20:18:32[INFO] <jlshearer> Yes, but the pancakes are made of DEATH


02:51:48[INFO] <§fcomi999§f§f> He will say something when we least expect it.
02:52:00[INFO] [CONSOLE] AutoMsg: Restarting server in two minutes.
02:52:00[INFO] <§7NyanKitteh§f§f> he is such a troll
02:52:02[INFO] [CONSOLE] AutoMsg: You can enter craft.minestick.com into the IP box to reconnect after restart.
02:52:08[INFO] <§fcomi999§f§f> Lol.
02:52:32[INFO] <§7NyanKitteh§f§f> Rofl


03:58:02[INFO] <§7NyanKitteh§f§f> i am begining to suspect you aren’t a chicken
03:58:30[INFO] <§fFitzChickens§f§f> The sky is falling?
03:58:41[INFO] <§7NyanKitteh§f§f> bullshit


18:18:19 [INFO] <Thatshot> gah! glowstone everywhere but just out of reach
18:18:36 [INFO] <SomeStayDry> out of reach?
18:18:41 [INFO] <SomeStayDry> this is minecraft boy
18:18:54 [INFO] <Thomas_Jarvie> NOW STACK YOUR WAY UP
18:19:00 [INFO] <Thatshot> D:
18:19:02 [INFO] <Thomas_Jarvie> AND PUNCH THE **** OUT OF THAT GLOWSTONE
18:19:07 [INFO] <SomeStayDry> damn right
18:19:10 [INFO] <Thatshot> YES SIR
18:19:14 [INFO] <squidmissile> xDDD
18:19:23 [INFO] <Thatshot> aaannnnddd i died


15:01:31[INFO] <jlshearer> he sees you when you’re sleeping
15:01:37[INFO] <jlshearer> he knows when you’re awake
15:01:47[INFO] <jlshearer> he knows when you’ve been bad or good
15:01:56[INFO] <jlshearer> so be good or banhammer


13:49:13[INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] wilfredal: /burn mastaonion 1
13:49:18[INFO] <wilfredal> lol
13:49:19[INFO] <Mastaonion> asdf
13:49:27[INFO] <Mastaonion> was that a glitch?
13:49:31[INFO] <wilfredal> Idk
13:49:34[INFO] <Mastaonion> I just randomly caught fire!
13:49:35[INFO] <Mastaonion> D:
13:49:39[INFO] <alexanderb33> LOL
13:49:39[INFO] <wilfredal> lol
13:49:43[INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] wilfredal: /burn mastaonion 1
13:49:45[INFO] <Mastaonion> asd
13:49:50[INFO] <Mastaonion> I’M NOT CRAZY!
13:49:56[INFO] [Server] Wilf.
13:50:00[INFO] <wilfredal> ?
13:50:07[INFO] [Server] Abuse of power is only funny when it’s not obvious.
13:50:16[INFO] <wilfredal> Heh
13:50:22[INFO] <alexanderb33> xD
13:50:29[INFO] [Server] Wait for another mod to be on so you’re not the only one.
13:50:33[INFO] [Server] And don’t do it repeatably.
13:50:39[INFO] <wilfredal> You are giving me ideas >:)
13:50:42[INFO] [Server] Or spy on them, and do it every time they step two tiles away from lava.
13:50:50[INFO] <wilfredal> lol


16:58:02 [INFO] <somethingsimple> whai u judge
16:58:20 [INFO] [Server] Judge? I’ve got a whole jury over here shaking their heads at you.


22:24:43[INFO] [Server] ‘Who’s’ is used for the contraction ‘who is.’ ‘Whose’ is used to denote ownership.
22:25:07[INFO] somethingsimple lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
22:25:15[INFO] [Server] I grammared him off the internet.


17:42:58 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Akran03: /msg slackbray FU
17:43:43 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] slackbray: /r lol
17:43:50 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Akran03: /r get a life
17:44:01 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] slackbray: /r y
17:44:02 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Akran03: /r stop palying mc!!
17:44:10 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Akran03: /r lol
17:44:32 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] slackbray: /r ajjjjjjjjfhdhfuekfhsjkdfhdjkghdsljkgheuhgdlgdvdfeyfdhsjfgwelufgeiuwgfhgdfsdjhfgjhsdgfsd
17:44:44 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Akran03: /r ./ban slackbray
17:45:57 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] slackbray: /r /fuck you akran unknown command
17:46:25 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Akran03: /r / kill slackbray
17:46:54 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] slackbray: /r ha jokes on you im already dead dogs killed me
17:47:05 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Akran03: /r told you
17:47:32 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] slackbray: /r ha jokes on you again im not dead
17:47:47 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] slackbray: /r bitch please fuck you
17:48:12 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Akran03: /r sorry i didnt know u knew how to speak dumass
17:48:58 [INFO] <Akran03> so whats everyone doing
17:49:12 [INFO] [Server] Watching a very interesting exchange in private messages. You?


2012-04-18 09:48:56 [INFO] harveyhw [/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:51069] logged in with entity id 940906 at (8.5, 97.0, 3.5)
2012-04-18 09:49:17 [INFO] harveyhw tried command: ban harveyhw
2012-04-18 09:49:27 [INFO] harveyhw lost connection: disconnect.quitting


03:32:17 [INFO] <linn28> silly merlin
03:32:26 [INFO] <linn28> you cant swin in lava!
03:32:30 [INFO] <Merlin1> =O
03:33:54 [INFO] [Server] I’ve just immunized you from lava, Merlin. Try again.
03:34:03 [INFO] <Merlin1> ok good shit
03:34:05 [INFO] <linn28> lucky!
(Server cannot see death messages)
03:34:20 [INFO] [Server] For the record, I am a terrible person.
03:34:20 [INFO] <Merlin1> =O
03:34:20 [INFO] <linn28> hahahahahahahah
03:34:36 [INFO] <Merlin1> DID NOT SEE THAT COMING

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