c.101 Mr.Me: Guess it's dead now...good night everybody hope you had fun 5:17am - 11/07/20
c.101 Mr.Me: Man it's sort of crap with the Bushfires and now a plague going around. But at least we can get through it lol 9:35pm - 08/21/20
c.101 Lukasz: How's everyone handling the great year of 2020? 1:14am - 07/28/20
c.101 Mr.Me: Oh hey man. I remember you from ages ago. 1:52am - 07/13/19
c.101 The One: Hello catspawns 5:33am - 07/05/19
c.101 Mr.Me: Hello everyone. Good to see you again Orc. It will probably be a few months or years before anyone sees this secret area of the internet that only a few people know about. 7:45am - 06/21/19
c.101 Some Random Guy: Hey Orc, good to hear from you! Come and join us in the Discord: discord(dot)gg/Fr9jKy5 -- it's not very active, but at least this way we won't lose sight of each other if Stickman ever decides to pull the plug on this site. 2:02am - 11/10/18
c.101 Orc Warrior: Oh wow... not only the site is still around, but the comic actually received an ending and I still recognize quite some people in the comment section. Last time I was here was 2013 according to the log. 2:39am - 11/09/18
c.101 Mr.Me: My user name before was Prototype00 an old spore name based off...an even older game 4:59am - 10/06/18
c.101 Mr.Me: Hey, I finally got onto discord. lol,  took me a while but I got there. 4:48am - 10/06/18
c.101 Mr.Me: I got to admit, I havn't read it either. Also, hi Octo 5:20am - 09/26/18
c.101 Lukasz: ah.  ;(  Final ending.probably should reread the comic but im afraid it will trigger to much of nostalgic feelings. 8:18am - 09/09/18
c.101 Ayleid Revivalist: I can't believe that I lurked all this time only to miss the real end. I remember when I found this comic, and it wasn't finished. Years later, I thought that the last one was the end... And now this. Rest well, outlander. 9:35pm - 08/22/18
c.101 Octoplasm: *pokes head in* Hey, has  anyone seen my hat? I think I left it here like seven years ago... Ah. The comic has ended. I guess we're just watching the credits scroll by now? Good work, Stickman. 12:58pm - 08/22/18
c.101 Auriorium: Did ... did Stickman just zero sum in the last panel?Lets hope not. 10:39am - 08/20/18
c.101 Mr.Me: Still getting nothing, oh well. 10:14pm - 08/05/18
c.101 Some random guy: @Outsider: Sorry life has been hard on you, but I'm sure your luck will turn. You can always hit me up on discord if there's anything you want to talk about. 10:47am - 07/24/18
c.101 Some random guy: And of course that one does as well... the suffix is Fr9kY5, 6 characters. 10:44am - 07/24/18
c.101 Some random guy: @Mr.Me Here's another link, the one I posted before had a stray space in it: https://discord[dot]gg/Fr9jKy 5 10:42am - 07/24/18
c.101 Mr.Me: Also...this ending is very sad. All good things must come to an end. I probably said it before but I will say it again, it got a nice but sad ending 3:33am - 07/24/18
c.101 Mr.Me: Still can't find proper discord link but it's a good idea. Never knew it had a chat option. Found COW league. Anyway, good to see you guys are ok, glad life is going well for you SRG, hope the sun shines bright in your future Outside. 3:30am - 07/24/18
c.101 The Outsider: Haha, I'm praying for some clearer skies in my future. It's been awhile since life showed me the sun xD .. Really glad to hear things are going well for you SRG Keep it up! You're doing great <3 3:04pm - 07/21/18
c.101 Some random guy: But in any case, I'm doing pretty alright. Just finished my bachelor's thesis, and recently started dating a nice girl. Life's actually going well enough that it's making me suspicious 12:39pm - 07/17/18
c.101 Some random guy: Well, I meant it more as a text chat server to replace this box than as a voice chat server - since we're probably all online at different hours anyways (time zones being what they are). 12:37pm - 07/17/18
c.101 Mr.Me: Pretty good. Havn't gone on discord yet as the room I live in isn't very sounds proof 8:38pm - 07/15/18
c.101 The Outsider: Yoyo! It's going alright, trying to keep my head above water and figure out how to be rich xD 12:55pm - 07/10/18
c.101 The One: Hey guys, how's it hanging? 6:51am - 07/08/18
c.101 Mr.Me: ok cheers, I will have to check it out some time. Though, I guess I am old cause the last online chat program I used was vent 8:21pm - 06/28/18
c.101 Some random guy: Anyways, here's an invite: https://discord[dot]gg/Fr9jKy 5 5:52am - 06/26/18
c.101 Some random guy: The discord server is still there, though it's about as active as this chat box To be fair though, it's only The Outsider, Greenimp and me at the moment. Maybe if more join in it'll spring back to life. 5:51am - 06/26/18
c.101 Mr.Me: might check back later, wonder if discord is still on. 4:46am - 06/26/18
c.101 Mr.Me: Wow, I missed this. I thought it was dead for ages and now I have missed the ending. Huh. Man. How could I forget this secret little chatbox/shoutbox we got together on. Damn. Also, it's a sad but nice way to end this comic. Also no oh well 4:37am - 06/26/18
c.101 Turelek: Indeed Outsider! The chatbox was amazing to read. 3:01pm - 06/08/18
c.101 The Outsider: This was easily one of the most interesting things to be part of while I was growing up as well. Such an enjoyment to read and meet the legendary ppl in this chatbox 1:10pm - 06/05/18
c.101 Turelek: I lurked forever here, damn. So it ends. Such a great comic. 11:42pm - 06/04/18
c.101 Tannasg: I started reading 12 years ago -- I was 13 years old at the time! In some odd, indefinable way, this comic -- and you guys in the comments -- were a big part of my childhood. Thanks, Stickman. 10:42pm - 05/27/18
c.101 Tannasg: Holy snap, the comic is through. Man. You're the dude, Stickman. 10:38pm - 05/27/18
c.101 greenimp: I am in the discord too, I hope everyone else will come and join 2:59am - 01/18/18
c.101 The Outsider: Sweet, it worked! Thanks 7:32am - 01/17/18
c.101 Some random guy: Uhh, that space shouldn't be in there. It works for me if I delete that 8:50am - 01/16/18
c.101 Some random guy: Odd. I've created a new one and set it to never expire: https(://)discord(dot)gg/Fr9j Ky5 8:48am - 01/16/18
c.101 The Outsider: @SRG: Mine says invalid or expired. Your timestamp says you posted it 2 hours ago, so not sure what it's doing 7:22am - 01/16/18
c.101 The Outsider: @SRG: Ya, I think it expired - checked it sec ago. 7:16am - 01/16/18
c.101 Some random guy: prepend that with  https(://)discord(dot)gg/, I can't share URLs here 5:09am - 01/16/18
c.101 Some random guy: Here's an invite to the discord server, let me know if you need a new one by the time you read this (it expires in a day): jJD2S 5:08am - 01/16/18
c.101 The Outsider: @SRG: Sounds good to me I've migrated into using DC alot recently - so a DC server sounds like a good update for us. And merry Christmas! And happy New Year! 7:40am - 01/10/18
c.101 Some random guy: We've talked about migrating elsewhere before, but nothing really came of it. Would you guys like me to create a Discord server? Maybe that could blow some new life into this place as well 2:42am - 01/09/18
c.101 Some random guy: Merry belated new year and happy Christmas! It's hard to believe the comic is finished. Congratulations Stickman; I can't wait for your next comic! Thanks for keeping this chatbox up all this time, too. It really is a special little place on the internet. 2:40am - 01/09/18
c.101 The Outsider: Thanks for the last page! ^^ Glad to see you're feeling well. You'll have to let us know if you start the new one 8:39am - 01/05/18
c.100 Stickman: Seven months ago, huh. Well, I'm feeling pretty good now, and thinking I'll start up another comic that lasts a few months. I had a lot of fun. Wanted to give that last page on this one first! 4:28pm - 01/03/18
c.100 The Outsider: Happy New Years!! Holla holla!  Hope it brings wonderful moments and things to everyone 8:16am - 01/01/18
c.100 The Outsider: Merry early Christmas and Christmas Eve! Hope it finds everyone well, and that it brings something special for everyone 9:21am - 12/23/17
c.100 The Outsider: lol Good job on getting untied! I've always thought it was interesting how we just randomly found each other and kept talking even when Stickman wasn't being animated 6:56am - 12/20/17
c.100 Mr.me: Got to admit, this chatbox is so old but I think has a special meaning on the net. Honestly not sure what Stickman is doing but he has my damn respect. Also, I am no longer tied to the dish rack. I was far far away but..yeah lol. 2:14am - 12/16/17
c.100 The Outsider: :thumbsup: 11:13pm - 11/15/17
c.100 Mr.Me: Maybe, but at this point...oh hey "the one" I guess you did become apart of this group after all. Congratulations 5:14am - 11/07/17
c.100 The One: Sometimes me too. 11:34am - 09/15/17
c.100 The Outsider: It's a curiousity for sure The anticipation is getting to me, haha 7:17am - 06/19/17
c.100 greenimp: I hope the last page is everyone passed out drunk 8:37pm - 06/17/17
c.100 Mr.Me: Hey, still comming back here every so often lol. 4:10pm - 05/20/17
c.100 The Outsider: #I'mStillHere. I'd have to go back through the index to determine if there was ever one with color xD The excitement! 9:12am - 05/07/17
c.100 Mr.Me: Wow, a comic with colour, we havn't had one of those in...ages. Lol, all this time 2:57pm - 05/05/17
c.100 greenimp: I'm still here 10:13pm - 05/04/17
c.100 Stickman: Got the lines finished. Wanna at least give it some color before I post it. 4:46pm - 05/04/17
c.100 The One: Man this comment section used to be full of chat. It seems too slow now though I am glad to see it's not dead. 3:19pm - 05/02/17
c.100 The Outsider: Same! Really interested in seeing it 7:12am - 04/20/17
c.100 An Outlander: Can't wait to see the page! 6:37pm - 04/19/17
c.100 Stickman: Just one last page. I sketched it a while ago, and decided it was worth putting up. Big one, slow progress. 11:35am - 04/19/17
c.100 Some random guy: Whaaaat, the comic yet lives!? Another thing to look forward to 2:50pm - 03/25/17
c.100 Mr.Me: Whoa hey Stickman, I can't wait to see what you draw. 4:55pm - 03/18/17
c.100 The Outsider: Eeeeyyy, wb Stickman New page hype! 8:37am - 03/14/17
c.100 Stickman: Working on the next page. 11:40pm - 03/13/17
c.100 The Outsider: It really is easy to get trapped in it. The best way to approach it, imo, is to just have a set of goals for what you want for the convo, instead of trying to defend/attack all points. 12:43pm - 02/28/17
c.100 Mr.Me: lol,yeah I get that. I think in terms of "if x vs y" when it comes to super heroes. Who wins depends on the writer. But it is so easy to get trapped in that sort of debate lol. 4:33am - 02/14/17
c.100 The Outsider: I've had similar conversations before. We were discussing the OP-ness of Black Panther from Avengers movie; he took OP side, and I took the "Every problem has a solution" side. It went on about 45m and neither of us yielded, then we just walked away lol 7:12am - 02/07/17
c.100 Mr.Me: yeah I think people have a tenancy to do that and two people who could be friends just end up hating eachother cause they imply the other one is wrong and stupid. 9:23pm - 02/05/17
c.100 The Outsider: Same. @Mr.Me: For me, it's just natural opinions. My perspective might be a good opinion, or it might be flawed because I'm human and only see the horizon from where I'm standing. To speak your own words as law is a good way to set yourself of for failure 10:34pm - 02/04/17
c.100 Mr.Me: I know there was a quot something like that from skargonastick or this website but those words of wisdom become so important when dealing with...absolutes for lck of a better word. 9:04pm - 01/21/17
c.100 Mr.Me: 'don't phrase your personal opinion with as though it is a common fact. use the term I feel, or in my opinion instead. A good way to talk to people who have an opinion different than yours. 8:53pm - 01/21/17
c.100 The Outsider: Happy New Year! We made it to another one 1:43pm - 01/06/17
c.100 Mr.Me: Happy new year 1:44am - 01/03/17
c.100 The Outsider: Merry belated Christmas! Hope it was fabulous for everyone! 4:51pm - 12/27/16
c.100 The Outsider: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope it treats you well 7:36pm - 11/24/16
c.100 Mr.Me: Damn that is a wise man. I think he is pretty spot on. 3:15am - 11/13/16
c.100 Mr.Me: Nah I must have missed that one. I'll see if I can find it. 3:04am - 11/13/16
c.100 greenimp: It'll be interesting to see what happens. Did you catch Keating on the 7:30 report Mr. Me? I think he had a pretty good take on the situation. 10:20pm - 11/11/16
c.100 Mr.Me: Yeah pretty good, this page sort of got lost in my favourites lol. 2:29pm - 11/11/16
c.100 Some random guy: Hey Mr. Me, haven't seen you around in ages! How's life treating you? 1:01pm - 11/11/16
c.100 Mr.Me: hey guys, still alive. man what an outcome. That was surprising. Still, hope all these race related riots and arguments can just stop. 5:20am - 11/11/16
c.100 Some random guy: Well, Trump is now president. Well played USA, well played. 1:35am - 11/09/16
c.100 The Outsider: For sure. On campus there were multiple demonstrations, and downtown was closed off iirc in certain places because of the rioting. I'm studying English w/ Creative Writing. Though it's less story, more poetry atm 12:53pm - 10/09/16
c.100 Some random guy: Damn, sounds scary. Did you notice much of it yourself while it was going on? On another topic, what are you studying? 7:13am - 10/09/16
c.100 The Outsider: NC. Everyone got into the whole racial issues, and started rioting over a police officer killing a black man. There were a ton of things happening around it (ie cop was also black) but mostly ignored so they could keep rioting and so forth 3:31pm - 10/05/16
c.100 greenimp: Where did you have riots man? 9:16am - 09/30/16
c.100 The Outsider: @ SRG: Osu! Still alive. Just trying to make it through the semester alive, without too much insomnia. Had some riots down here, and several ppl ended up getting shot somewhere along the way... How's life with you SRG? 5:49pm - 09/25/16
c.100 Some random guy: Everyone here still alive? How're you all doing? 11:20am - 09/25/16
c.100 greenimp: Happy birthday man, how old? 7:57am - 07/25/16
c.100 The Outsider: Same. I try to check cpl times a week at least. Happy belated B-day, Lukasz!:D 6:39am - 07/21/16
c.100 Lukasz: I'm here. and it's my b-day today!!yay. 2:39am - 07/20/16
c.100 greenimp: I'm still around. Only person from chat I have on Steam is Mr. Me. 2:19am - 07/20/16
c.100 Some random guy: Nah, I check the chat a few times a week. Summer vacation's started over here, so everything's nice and slow for a while 2:46pm - 07/18/16
c.100 The One: Guys, how's it hanging? I thought this chat was dead and you guys left to steamchat or something. Nice to see you are still here. 7:37am - 07/18/16
c.100 The Outsider: Yea, that's pretty sad situation. I hope you're at least protected in some way. It'll prob still hurt down the road though 4:07pm - 07/05/16
c.100 greenimp: One of my neighbours always seems to have a fireplace going, with the smoke inexplicably finding its way straight to my windows regardless, It's sadly situation normal :s 9:21am - 06/17/16
c.100 The Outsider: Eeew, that's rough. I can't imagine the damage it's probably doing to everyone's lungs 6:44pm - 06/07/16
c.100 Tannasg: green: That sounds terrible! Two months of smoky air... It must be a relief when they're finally through! 2:16pm - 05/07/16
c.100 Tannasg: Stickman: I enjoyed it! I think it's been about 8 years since I last checked in -- it was a kick to see it finally done. Hope everything's been well with you these days? 2:13pm - 05/07/16
c.100 greenimp: The Fire brigade is doing burn-offs, except they're spacing it out, so we get two odd months of the air being filled with smoke. 7:31am - 05/07/16
c.100 greenimp: Stick: Keep us posted, I'll definitely check it out!Tan: Pretty sure Mr. me lives in the same city I do, from memory. And boy is the air smoky right now. 7:30am - 05/07/16
c.100 Stickman: Glad you get to (finally) enjoy the finished comic! Some day I'll start up a new project. 10:32am - 05/06/16
c.100 Tannasg: And the comic is finished! Oh my goodness, I have to go back and finish it now!This is such a blast from the past! I'm so glad you never took this thing down, Stickman! I don't even remember what I had changed my username to before I checked out! 10:05pm - 05/03/16
c.100 Tannasg: Mr.Me! Stickman! All you guys! I can't believe this chat box is still around!Oh man, how have all of you been?!??! Do you remember me?? How's Australia this time of year, Mr.Me?? 10:03pm - 05/03/16
c.100 greenimp: Yeah man, I've been enjoying it. Started off Deprived and just killed my first Lord of Cinder this afternoon! 8:38am - 05/01/16
c.100 Some random guy: Stickman saves the day once more Anyways, any Dark Souls 3 fans around here? I've been taking every moment I can get to pump hours into that game. It's absolutely amazing 10:30am - 04/29/16
c.100 Stickman: Surprised how many hits in the log there are for this. Most are blocked. A few get through. 3:34am - 04/28/16
c.100 Mr.Me: Hey, good to see a new name Kaybward. As for the one, yeah I don't think he could send a bunch of random bots at us. Just random net trolls that found a loop in the system. 7:44pm - 04/14/16
c.100 greenimp: I don't think it's that low-grade troll either, guy sounded like he was 14 or something. 9:06am - 04/12/16
c.100 Kaybward: I found thatby pure chance, and it was great. I really liked it, even if the drawing is "simple" and the site is not the best one ever, it's still pretty cool. As a (very) great fan of Morrowind and its extensions, I enjoyed every single moment ! 4:59am - 04/12/16
c.100 Mr.Me: Yeah, your probably right. 3:05am - 03/30/16
c.100 Some random guy: I never really got the impression that that guy was competent enough to set up a bot to spam us... 12:37pm - 03/29/16
c.100 Mr.Me: No, Outsider! Run! lol. Wonder if "the one" is behind this. A bit sad if they are still going. 10:28pm - 03/28/16
c.100 The Outsider: Don't worry guys. I'm still alive; the bots haven't found me yet! 3:25pm - 03/28/16
c.100 Some random guy: The chatbox yet lives! Been busy with life lately, but I'm holding up fine Also anxiously awaiting Dark Souls 3 at the moment. 1:01pm - 02/23/16
c.100 greenimp: Ayyy. I'm cooling my heels waiting for Fire Emblem Fates. (I check past the chatbox most days) 10:32pm - 02/14/16
c.100 Mr.Me: WOw, someone is here. I am doing ok, how about you? 8:15pm - 02/14/16
c.100 The Outsider: Happy belated New Years! Only... 1 1/2 months late? How's everyone holding up? I see the spam bots are doing alright 2:11am - 02/14/16
c.100 Mr.Me: While exchaning some computers I have found that non existent rumors of my death were non existent. Heh wonder if American Chirstmass shopping is like black Friday on steroids...or the other way around. 10:59pm - 01/21/16
c.100 Some random guy: Still kicking. God, the Christmas vacation is a godsend. I've maybe one peaceful weekend since september. 5:57am - 12/16/15
c.100 greenimp: You know it. Finally knocked out my Christmas shopping today. 11:51pm - 12/15/15
c.100 The Outsider: Almost to Christmas, hope you're all doing well 1:51am - 12/15/15
c.100 The Outsider: Should do it just for that Never thought I'd make history, but I'm down for being a small part of it, haha 3:35am - 11/10/15
c.100 Mr.Me: But I must point out like so many before me...maybe. How long have we being going for and...if we keep this going for I don't know 15 years or so, we could be considered an off topic part of history...go us. And go Stick man for keeping this going. 7:02pm - 11/09/15
c.100 Mr.Me: aww, I mucked up the last 2...ahh well. 7:00pm - 11/09/15
c.100 Mr.Me: 6:58pm - 11/09/15
c.100 Mr.Me: heh, after checking back on this happy little chatbox I have realised (possibly after forgetting the first time) that the comic ended on the 100th page. I feel that that is an accomplishment for some reason. 6:57pm - 11/09/15
c.100 The Outsider: Not Destiny. I've been playing Life is Strange, Blues and Bullets, RE: Revelations 2, and League. If you've got a Q on them, I could help, lol 11:37pm - 10/19/15
c.100 greenimp: Yeah, best of luck man. Hey, anyone else play Destiny? Or more specifically, read the lore? 12:08am - 10/19/15
c.100 Mr.Me: Good to see you old bean. Good luck with the docs and collage. 6:34pm - 10/18/15
c.100 The Outsider: Osu! Doing alright here too. Juggling life; work in process, haha. Just League, work and getting docs for college again. Nice to see everyone is doing well 1:39am - 10/18/15
c.100 Mr.Me: Who knows, now he isn't in power he can do anything and it will be funny. 9:13pm - 10/11/15
c.100 greenimp: About bloody time too. He's been doing the rounds on radio trying somewhat ineptly to undermine his own party now. I wonder if he'll go full Latham? 1:40pm - 10/07/15
c.100 Mr.Me: He is gone, he is finally gone. Not deported like I wanted, but gone. is there a lul in the bots or something. 6:50pm - 10/05/15
c.100 greenimp: I'm doing great. Had some good entertainment from the recent political spill here in Australia. 1:28am - 09/22/15
c.100 Some random guy: It used to happen a lot, then it quieted down for a while. Now they're back in full force. How are you all doing guys? I haven't been on here in a while... 4:10pm - 09/21/15
c.100 Lukasz: Yeah.  what happened for them to just come here?or had it happened before. 9:22am - 09/10/15
c.100 The Outsider: Fire at will, gentlemen! The bots are upon us! 12:07am - 08/24/15
c.100 Bradley: zAt5lb http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUO LQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com 10:10am - 08/12/15
c.100 Bradley: 8a7IF5 http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUO LQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com 3:41pm - 08/08/15
c.100 Garth: Could you tell me the dialing code for ? 3:53pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Ian: Some First Class stamps 3:53pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Walker: I want to report a   3:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Conrad: I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage 3:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Lester: Looking for work 3:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Major: I'm retired 3:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Brandon: I live here 3:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Cristobal: Where's the nearest cash machine? 3:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Weston: I'd like a phonecard, please 3:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Rafael: Hello good day 3:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Angelina: Could you ask him to call me? 3:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Alphonso: I'm interested in   3:12pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Miguel: I like it a lot 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Davis: The United States 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Rogelio: In tens, please (ten pound notes) 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Loren: Could you ask him to call me? 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Danilo: What part of  do you come from? 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Desmond: I'm on work experience 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Grady: The United States 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Hyman: I'd like to pay this cheque in, please 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Kyle: We've got a joint account 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Arlie: Thanks funny site 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Vince: Could you ask him to call me? 3:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Addison: How many would you like? 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Hiram: A First Class stamp 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Mohammad: good material thanks 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Coleman: I'd like to send this parcel to   3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Fermin: Did you go to university? 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Cole: Go travelling 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Arianna: Please wait 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Shannon: Gloomy tales 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Coco888: Insufficient funds 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Eliseo: I work here 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Granville: I'm in my first year at university 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Salvatore: We were at school together 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Claud: I'd like to cancel a cheque 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Marcelo: I want to report a   3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Lanny: We're at university together 3:08pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Octavio: Cool site goodluck 3:07pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Kelly: How would you like the money? 3:07pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Melvin: Special Delivery 3:07pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Grover: A law firm 3:07pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Rebecca: Looking for work 3:07pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Chauncey: Do you like it here? 3:07pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Arden: Thanks for calling 3:07pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Micah: An accountancy practice 3:07pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Buford: What do you do? 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Garry: I can't get a dialling tone 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Nestor: Yes, I play the guitar 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Santos: I'm only getting an answering machine 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Brendon: The United States 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jackie: I saw your advert in the paper 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Dewitt: I'm unemployed 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Herbert: What do you study? 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jeffrey: Directory enquiries 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Leonel: Do you need a work permit? 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Elbert: Not available at the moment 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Diego: What's the last date I can post this to  to arrive in time for Christmas? 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Daron: I'm sorry, she's   3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Julio: How do I get an outside line? 3:06pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Demarcus: I've lost my bank card 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Winfred: When can you start? 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Oliver: real beauty page 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Garth: An estate agents 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Danny: A Second Class stamp 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Rusty: The manager 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Magic: Nice to meet you 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Coolman: I'm in a band 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Faustino: We went to university together 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Gaylord: Children with disabilities 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Octavio: I'm unemployed 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Winford: Which team do you support? 3:02pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Norris: Very interesting tale 2:44pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Francesco: We went to university together 2:44pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Ralph: I work for a publishers 2:42pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Lillian: Free medical insurance 2:42pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jessica: How much were you paid in your last job? 2:28pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Tony: I'd like to open an account 2:03pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jayden: Best Site good looking 2:01pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Ulysses: Pleased to meet you 2:01pm - 08/04/15
c.100 August: I'm afraid that number's ex-directory 2:01pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Preston: Would you like to leave a message? 1:59pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Sofia: Could I have , please? 1:58pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Norris: A law firm 1:58pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Victoria: This is your employment contract 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Cody: Who's calling? 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Elmer: I'll text you later 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Carlos: Until August 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Travis: Whereabouts in  are you from? 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Emery: I'm afraid that number's ex-directory 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Cornelius: I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Damien: Could you give me some smaller notes? 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Tyler: Excellent work, Nice Design 1:57pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Josue: I'm from England 1:51pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Anna: Did you go to university? 1:51pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Elton: Could you ask her to call me? 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Irwin: Cool site goodluck 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Samantha: We need someone with experience 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Prince: I hate shopping 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Aurelio: I saw your advert in the paper 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Patrick: I read a lot 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Trinidad: I'd like to cancel this standing order 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Lanny: A company car 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Danielle: I'd like a phonecard, please 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jane: Sorry, you must have the wrong number 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Fidel: Excellent work, Nice Design 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Seymour: Could I have a statement, please? 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Samantha: Could I have , please? 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Filiberto: I'd like to order some foreign currency 1:35pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Lyman: Will I have to work on Saturdays? 1:33pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Waldo: Best Site good looking 1:32pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Eduardo: Could you ask him to call me? 1:19pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Russell: We went to university together 12:54pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Eddie: I came here to work 12:51pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Ramon: Best Site good looking 12:51pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Arden: real beauty page 12:51pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Horace: Would you like to leave a message? 12:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Matthew: Where did you go to university? 12:49pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Deangelo: I'm not interested in football 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Brain: I'm on a course at the moment 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Elias: I work with computers 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Gilbert: What sort of music do you like? 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Donovan: It's funny goodluck 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Maximo: I love the theatre 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jesse: How many weeks' holiday a year are there? 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Desmond: We were at school together 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Federico: It's OK 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jesus: I'm unemployed 12:48pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Joesph: Do you like it here? 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Neville: I like watching football 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Dennis: I like watching TV 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Rickie: Your account's overdrawn 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jamaal: i'm fine good work 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Donnie: Hello good day 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Emory: I love this site 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Chuck: I'm retired 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Darnell: What company are you calling from? 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Dorsey: Hello good day 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Bonser: I live in London 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Ismael: I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Maxwell: Special Delivery 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Enrique: I'd like some euros 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Megan: How would you like the money? 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Willian: Could you ask him to call me? 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Raymundo: How many are there in a book? 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Frederick: We've got a joint account 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Paige: Do you like it here? 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Stewart: I'm training to be an engineer 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Geraldo: How many are there in a book? 12:47pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Behappy: I've come to collect a parcel 12:41pm - 08/04/15
c.100 John: I'm on a course at the moment 12:40pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Francisco: We need someone with experience 12:25pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Anthony: I can't hear you very well 12:25pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Romeo: I'm in a band 12:25pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Brenton: I've only just arrived 12:25pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Anderson: We'd like to invite you for an interview 12:24pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Jimmie: How many more years do you have to go? 12:24pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Bryce: I like watching football 12:11pm - 08/04/15
c.100 Chance: Do you need a work permit? 11:46am - 08/04/15
c.100 German: I'm a partner in   11:43am - 08/04/15
c.100 Carmelo: What's your number? 11:43am - 08/04/15
c.100 Robby: Could I ask who's calling? 11:42am - 08/04/15
c.100 Rachel: Good crew it's cool 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Eric: Insufficient funds 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Russel: I'm unemployed 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Columbus: I'd like some euros 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Rickey: On another call 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Weldon: I'd like to send this to   11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Fausto: In tens, please (ten pound notes) 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Joshua: I'll call back later 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Clayton: Could you please repeat that? 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Sebastian: I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jaime: I want to make a withdrawal 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Unlove: I'd like to send this letter by   11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Chloe: I'm about to run out of credit 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Gerry: Could I take your name and number, please? 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jacques: I really like swimming 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Reginald: I'd like to cancel this standing order 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Monty: Directory enquiries 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Quinton: Could I make an appointment to see ? 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Valentine: Photography 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Aaliyah: What qualifications have you got? 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Marcelo: Could I make an appointment to see ? 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Isabel: Why did you come to ? 11:40am - 08/04/15
c.100 Elbert: Children with disabilities 11:39am - 08/04/15
c.100 Bonser: What's the current interest rate for personal loans? 11:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Brett: Whereabouts in  are you from? 11:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Lenard: Yes, I play the guitar 11:18am - 08/04/15
c.100 Harlan: I'm a partner in   11:17am - 08/04/15
c.100 Harrison: I work with computers 11:17am - 08/04/15
c.100 Keith: I'd like to order some foreign currency 11:17am - 08/04/15
c.100 Heriberto: I'm not interested in football 11:06am - 08/04/15
c.100 Renaldo: What's the interest rate on this account? 10:41am - 08/04/15
c.100 Fausto: Do you know the number for ? 10:36am - 08/04/15
c.100 Santos: real beauty page 10:36am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jaime: I'm from England 10:36am - 08/04/15
c.100 Haley: Can you hear me OK? 10:36am - 08/04/15
c.100 Devon: Stolen credit card 10:36am - 08/04/15
c.100 Deadman: A First Class stamp 10:36am - 08/04/15
c.100 Gilbert: A financial advisor 10:36am - 08/04/15
c.100 Charley: Which year are you in? 10:33am - 08/04/15
c.100 Everett: Are you a student? 10:33am - 08/04/15
c.100 Emanuel: Lost credit card 10:33am - 08/04/15
c.100 Chris: Could I have a statement, please? 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Julian: This is the job description 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Tyrell: I'm on a course at the moment 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Diego: I've only just arrived 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Darren: Stolen credit card 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Sergio: I hate shopping 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Tony: Until August 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Kerry: Could you ask him to call me? 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Delmer: Sorry, I'm busy at the moment 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Luigi: I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Dorsey: Which university are you at? 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Kevin: I'd like a phonecard, please 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Cristopher: Is there ? 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Carol: I went to   10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Derek: Could I have , please? 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Thebest: I'm doing a phd in chemistry 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Elliott: Where do you live? 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Delmar: We went to university together 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Grace: The line's engaged 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Ambrose: Where do you come from? 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Morgan: I'm interested in this position 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Darrick: I'm doing a masters in law 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Giuseppe: In tens, please (ten pound notes) 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Quentin: I like watching football 10:32am - 08/04/15
c.100 Julia: Sorry, I'm busy at the moment 10:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Silas: I'd like to send this to   10:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Emerson: Good crew it's cool 10:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Manual: I've come to collect a parcel 10:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Eldon: I'm interested in this position 10:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Stefan: Do you know the number for ? 10:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Esteban: A few months 10:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Benjamin: Best Site good looking 10:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Fredric: I can't get through at the moment 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Ashley: This is your employment contract 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Demetrius: I'm in my first year at university 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Sean: I'd like to open a personal account 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Dudley: I didn't go to university 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 DE: A First Class stamp 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Allen: I've just started at   10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Johnnie: I can't get a dialling tone 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Nolan: I'd like to withdraw $100, please 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Moses: I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Lucky: I live here 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Colton: Get a job 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Patrick: A packet of envelopes 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 John: Hello good day 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Bailey: How much is a First Class stamp? 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Alonso: I'm not interested in football 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jake: I'd like to open a personal account 10:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Lauren: The National Gallery 10:09am - 08/04/15
c.100 Mike: I'd like to pay this cheque in, please 10:09am - 08/04/15
c.100 Aurelio: Do you know each other?   10:09am - 08/04/15
c.100 Raleigh: I've lost my bank card 10:09am - 08/04/15
c.100 Quinton: What company are you calling from? 10:09am - 08/04/15
c.100 Wally: I'd like to open a business account 10:00am - 08/04/15
c.100 Cedric: What sort of music do you like? 9:36am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jimmy: I'd like to send this letter by   9:30am - 08/04/15
c.100 Richard: I'm not working at the moment 9:30am - 08/04/15
c.100 Burton: I work here 9:30am - 08/04/15
c.100 Terrance: Languages 9:28am - 08/04/15
c.100 Alonso: I'd like to withdraw $100, please 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Dillon: Languages 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Brock: Who do you work for? 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Miles: Would you like a receipt? 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Norbert: I've got a full-time job 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Abraham: Another year 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Darin: I'd like to send this to   9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Alexandra: Looking for a job 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Noble: Insufficient funds 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Wyatt: I'd like , please 9:27am - 08/04/15
c.100 Florentino: Could you tell me the number for ? 9:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Lanny: I'm sorry, she's   9:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Gavin: Where did you go to university? 9:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Antony: When do you want me to start? 9:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Renaldo: I've only just arrived 9:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jimmi: I've come to collect a parcel 9:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Connie: real beauty page 9:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Isreal: How many are there in a book? 9:18am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jules: I don't know what I want to do after university 9:18am - 08/04/15
c.100 Odell: Pleased to meet you 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Marion: The line's engaged 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Grover: Can I take your number? 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Lynwood: Could I have an application form? 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Mariano: Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account? 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Forest: Nice to meet you 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Philip: Punk not dead   9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Douglass: I'm not interested in football 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Bob: Best Site good looking 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jonathon: I can't get a signal 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Antony: Will I get paid for overtime? 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Colton: I'm doing a masters in law 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Arnold: Could you please repeat that? 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Mariano: I have my own business 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Cyrus: very best job 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Timothy: This is your employment contract 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Rigoberto: How much is a First Class stamp? 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Getjoy: Do you know the number for ? 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Abigail: Is there ? 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Stephan: Just over two years 9:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Laurence: Do you have any exams coming up? 9:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Cedric: I work here 9:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Delbert: very best job 9:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Kelly: Will I get paid for overtime? 9:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Geraldo: Just over two years 9:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Javier: I'm from England 9:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Silas: Who do you work for? 8:58am - 08/04/15
c.100 Mauro: No, I'm not particularly sporty 8:33am - 08/04/15
c.100 Arlie: Incorrect PIN 8:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Seymour: Where are you from? 8:26am - 08/04/15
c.100 Bernie: I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name 8:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Ricardo: What sort of music do you listen to? 8:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Timothy: International directory enquiries 8:24am - 08/04/15
c.100 Waylon: I'm in a band 8:22am - 08/04/15
c.100 Mauricio: Your account's overdrawn 8:22am - 08/04/15
c.100 Carol: Do you know each other?   8:22am - 08/04/15
c.100 Arnulfo: Not available at the moment 8:22am - 08/04/15
c.100 Maurice: What do you do for a living? 8:22am - 08/04/15
c.100 Efrain: What line of work are you in? 8:14am - 08/04/15
c.100 Merle: I stay at home and look after the children 8:13am - 08/04/15
c.100 Cedric: I've got a full-time job 8:13am - 08/04/15
c.100 Paige: I can't get a signal 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Delmer: Lost credit card 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Kaylee: Do you know what extension he's on? 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Brain: I'm on business 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Thurman: Sorry, I ran out of credit 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Garret: I'm sorry, he's   8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Zachariah: I'd like to pay this cheque in, please 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Ronald: I was born in Australia but grew up in England 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Delmar: Photography 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Wayne: Can you hear me OK? 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Tobias: I work here 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Genesis: We went to university together 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Nicolas: I work with computers 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Claud: I've come to collect a parcel 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Wilford: Do you know the address? 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Lyndon: What part of  do you come from? 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Lewis: Enter your PIN 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Cortez: Can I take your number? 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Miles: Best Site Good Work 8:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Bennie: Photography 7:59am - 08/04/15
c.100 Harley: I love this site 7:59am - 08/04/15
c.100 Terry: Can you hear me OK? 7:56am - 08/04/15
c.100 Zackary: How much is a First Class stamp? 7:29am - 08/04/15
c.100 Adam: this is be cool 8) 7:22am - 08/04/15
c.100 Thaddeus: I'd like to pay this in, please 7:22am - 08/04/15
c.100 Denis: When do you want me to start? 7:20am - 08/04/15
c.100 Clint: Will I have to work shifts? 7:20am - 08/04/15
c.100 Basil: What's the interest rate on this account? 7:19am - 08/04/15
c.100 Kenton: I'm interested in   7:18am - 08/04/15
c.100 Travis: I've got a full-time job 7:17am - 08/04/15
c.100 Stephen: What sort of music do you listen to? 7:17am - 08/04/15
c.100 Wilfred: I love the theatre 7:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jewell: This is your employment contract 7:10am - 08/04/15
c.100 Pablo: How much notice do you have to give? 7:08am - 08/04/15
c.100 Jacob: Another year 6:59am - 08/04/15
c.100 Martin: What do you do? 6:59am - 08/04/15
c.100 Maxwell: No, I'm not particularly sporty 6:55am - 08/04/15
c.100 Albert: I'm a partner in   6:54am - 08/04/15
c.100 Antione: Could I have a statement, please? 6:53am - 08/04/15
c.100 Ismael: I'm self-employed 6:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Humberto: I'd like to transfer some money to this account 6:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Zachary: I stay at home and look after the children 6:07am - 08/04/15
c.100 Wallace: Nice to meet you 6:06am - 08/04/15
c.100 Giovanni: Will I have to work shifts? 6:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Pierre: Nice to meet you 6:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Cecil: I live here 6:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Lauren: I live in London 6:04am - 08/04/15
c.100 Norberto: I was born in Australia but grew up in England 6:04am - 08/04/15