c.101 Mr.Me: Guess it's dead now...good night everybody hope you had fun 5:17am - 11/07/20 45.32.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Man it's sort of crap with the Bushfires and now a plague going around. But at least we can get through it lol 9:35pm - 08/21/20 45.76.x.x
c.101 Lukasz: How's everyone handling the great year of 2020? 1:14am - 07/28/20 101.112.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Oh hey man. I remember you from ages ago. 1:52am - 07/13/19 149.28.x.x
c.101 The One: Hello catspawns 5:33am - 07/05/19 217.131.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Hello everyone. Good to see you again Orc. It will probably be a few months or years before anyone sees this secret area of the internet that only a few people know about. 7:45am - 06/21/19 149.28.x.x
c.101 Some Random Guy: Hey Orc, good to hear from you! Come and join us in the Discord: discord(dot)gg/Fr9jKy5 -- it's not very active, but at least this way we won't lose sight of each other if Stickman ever decides to pull the plug on this site. 2:02am - 11/10/18 82.197.x.x
c.101 Orc Warrior: Oh wow... not only the site is still around, but the comic actually received an ending and I still recognize quite some people in the comment section. Last time I was here was 2013 according to the log. 2:39am - 11/09/18 185.155.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: My user name before was Prototype00 an old spore name based off...an even older game 4:59am - 10/06/18 149.28.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Hey, I finally got onto discord. lol,  took me a while but I got there. 4:48am - 10/06/18 149.28.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: I got to admit, I havn't read it either. Also, hi Octo 5:20am - 09/26/18 45.77.x.x
c.101 Lukasz: ah.  ;(  Final ending.probably should reread the comic but im afraid it will trigger to much of nostalgic feelings. 8:18am - 09/09/18 141.168.x.x
c.101 Ayleid Revivalist: I can't believe that I lurked all this time only to miss the real end. I remember when I found this comic, and it wasn't finished. Years later, I thought that the last one was the end... And now this. Rest well, outlander. 9:35pm - 08/22/18 47.18.x.x
c.101 Octoplasm: *pokes head in* Hey, has  anyone seen my hat? I think I left it here like seven years ago... Ah. The comic has ended. I guess we're just watching the credits scroll by now? Good work, Stickman. 12:58pm - 08/22/18 24.39.x.x
c.101 Auriorium: Did ... did Stickman just zero sum in the last panel?Lets hope not. 10:39am - 08/20/18 93.103.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Still getting nothing, oh well. 10:14pm - 08/05/18 149.28.x.x
c.101 Some random guy: @Outsider: Sorry life has been hard on you, but I'm sure your luck will turn. You can always hit me up on discord if there's anything you want to talk about. 10:47am - 07/24/18 84.245.x.x
c.101 Some random guy: And of course that one does as well... the suffix is Fr9kY5, 6 characters. 10:44am - 07/24/18 84.245.x.x
c.101 Some random guy: @Mr.Me Here's another link, the one I posted before had a stray space in it: https://discord[dot]gg/Fr9jKy 5 10:42am - 07/24/18 84.245.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Also...this ending is very sad. All good things must come to an end. I probably said it before but I will say it again, it got a nice but sad ending 3:33am - 07/24/18 149.28.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Still can't find proper discord link but it's a good idea. Never knew it had a chat option. Found COW league. Anyway, good to see you guys are ok, glad life is going well for you SRG, hope the sun shines bright in your future Outside. 3:30am - 07/24/18 149.28.x.x
c.101 The Outsider: Haha, I'm praying for some clearer skies in my future. It's been awhile since life showed me the sun xD .. Really glad to hear things are going well for you SRG Keep it up! You're doing great <3 3:04pm - 07/21/18 136.57.x.x
c.101 Some random guy: But in any case, I'm doing pretty alright. Just finished my bachelor's thesis, and recently started dating a nice girl. Life's actually going well enough that it's making me suspicious 12:39pm - 07/17/18 84.245.x.x
c.101 Some random guy: Well, I meant it more as a text chat server to replace this box than as a voice chat server - since we're probably all online at different hours anyways (time zones being what they are). 12:37pm - 07/17/18 84.245.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Pretty good. Havn't gone on discord yet as the room I live in isn't very sounds proof 8:38pm - 07/15/18 149.28.x.x
c.101 The Outsider: Yoyo! It's going alright, trying to keep my head above water and figure out how to be rich xD 12:55pm - 07/10/18 136.57.x.x
c.101 The One: Hey guys, how's it hanging? 6:51am - 07/08/18 217.131.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: ok cheers, I will have to check it out some time. Though, I guess I am old cause the last online chat program I used was vent 8:21pm - 06/28/18 108.61.x.x
c.101 Some random guy: Anyways, here's an invite: https://discord[dot]gg/Fr9jKy 5 5:52am - 06/26/18 84.245.x.x
c.101 Some random guy: The discord server is still there, though it's about as active as this chat box To be fair though, it's only The Outsider, Greenimp and me at the moment. Maybe if more join in it'll spring back to life. 5:51am - 06/26/18 84.245.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: might check back later, wonder if discord is still on. 4:46am - 06/26/18 149.28.x.x
c.101 Mr.Me: Wow, I missed this. I thought it was dead for ages and now I have missed the ending. Huh. Man. How could I forget this secret little chatbox/shoutbox we got together on. Damn. Also, it's a sad but nice way to end this comic. Also no oh well 4:37am - 06/26/18 149.28.x.x
c.101 Turelek: Indeed Outsider! The chatbox was amazing to read. 3:01pm - 06/08/18 71.238.x.x
c.101 The Outsider: This was easily one of the most interesting things to be part of while I was growing up as well. Such an enjoyment to read and meet the legendary ppl in this chatbox 1:10pm - 06/05/18 136.57.x.x
c.101 Turelek: I lurked forever here, damn. So it ends. Such a great comic. 11:42pm - 06/04/18 71.238.x.x