s.fin proslaviy: Hi, how I can send PM? 11:17pm - 09/15/08
s.fin xolonho: hello poperato!!! hello poperato!!! hello poperato!!! 8:00pm - 07/19/08
s.fin Ebony: Just visiting. ~swoop~ 6:46pm - 02/06/08
s.fin Stickman: Just the "miniforum"/shoutbo x. Not the comic. I plan to keep the comic archive online as long as humanly possible. I hate when content dies. 9:12am - 02/03/08
s.fin Tighearna Gwyneira: Alas, poor shoutbox! I knew it, sunshine_ley! So full of random conversation and... stuff. 10:34pm - 02/02/08
s.fin sunshine_ley: Disable?! What'chu mean?! 10:47pm - 01/31/08
s.fin Stickman: I'm going to have to disable this thing some day. At least my anti-spam code is good enough that it doesn't get sullied. 1:01am - 01/21/08
s.fin TehDarkWarrior: FIRST POST OF THE NEW YEAR! 4:47am - 01/20/08
s.fin Binary: That's pretty much what it is. 11:32pm - 08/24/07
s.fin Faileas: I see. 2:51pm - 08/13/07
s.fin Tighearna Gwyneira: If I'm right, IRC is an online chat thingy that allows groups of people to talk, rather than just one-on-one. 10:08am - 08/13/07
s.fin Faileas: IRC? 8:12pm - 08/08/07
s.fin Stickman: You know, there was this two year old that would get up and bang on the keyboard when a friend of mine was AFK in IRC. We'd all say hi to him. It was cute. 9:12pm - 07/31/07
s.fin danielbelski: tdfgdgf 1:01am - 07/31/07
s.fin danielbelski: hjdtrurtyrt 1:00am - 07/31/07
s.fin TAL: FG 7:24am - 07/05/07
s.fin Tighearna Gwyneira: About the "Captain Obvious" one: I caught on that that's what the term meant, but I didn't understand the "just because you have a symptom" part. I'm guessing that I missed some word-play somewhere... 4:33pm - 03/07/07
s.fin Tighearna Gwyneira: I see. I've heard of the "you sneeze when someone's talking about you" myth, but never the "hot ears" one. 6:42pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Faileas: I understood the Mario one. But all the rest I didn't... 6:18pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Stickman: [url] It's a myth that when someone talks about you when you're not around, your ears get hot. (Or you sneeze, but Sammy saying, "Stop sneezing" when Dar wasn't doesn't make sense.) 5:08pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Stickman: [url] Monty Python. Witches float, wood also floats. To tell if she's a witch... build a bridge out of her! 5:05pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Stickman: [url] "Captain Obvious" is a term for someone who points out the obvious. This comic is just a play off that. 5:05pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Stickman: [url] In the Mario games, you hit boxes with your head to get coins. [url] "Rushing" is where you build an army super fast and attack before they can defend. 5:01pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Tighearna Gwyneira: ...Why is it messing up? [url] [url] 4:19pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Tighearna Gwyneira: That last one came out weird. Here we go: [url] 4:19pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Tighearna Gwyneira: Oh and, [url] I know, I'm an idiot. ;P 4:18pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Tighearna Gwyneira: Could someone explain these to poor, witless  and ignorant me? [url] [url] [url] 4:18pm - 03/05/07
s.fin Tannasg: You have to trust no-one, Binary. No-one. *suspenseful music* 7:09am - 02/27/07
s.fin Binary: You want me to trust no-one on that?  No thanks, I prefer knowing who I'm getting information from. 11:40pm - 02/26/07
s.fin Tannasg: Trust me, most people think I'm no-one anyway. ;) 9:30pm - 02/26/07
s.fin Binary: You know, you just declared yourself no-one. 8:37pm - 02/25/07
s.fin Tannasg: Let me rephrase that. I think I can officially consider Trivium dead. 10:39am - 02/23/07
s.fin Tannasg: I think we can officially consider Trivium dead. No-one even posts here anymore. *walks out of room* 10:38am - 02/23/07
s.fin Faileas: Same here. 8:06pm - 02/13/07
s.fin Tannasg: I see. What'd have to be my favorite comic went down as of July 1, 2006. Actually, almost every comic that I used to read has gone down. There's about 2 that I check regularly that update, but I'm not big on comics anyway, so that's all right. 9:05am - 02/13/07