The Start of Trivium

Well, I woke up this morning (at 1:30am) wide awake and with an inspirational idea.

I’m going to start another webcomic! What? I’m a fool? Well, maybe. But there’s a reason for it, and I feel this reason is valid enough.

Morrowind Comic, the way I’ve made it, requires a full-page of art and all kinds of mean nasty stuff. I think I’ve outdone my abilities on it. I hate not finishing things I start, so I’m not going to stop work on that. But I have a little more free time and a little more confidence, and a higher drive to become better at art. The advice I keep getting from my friends is practice, practice, practice. With Morrowind comic I practice about once every week and a half.

This comic I’m making, called Trivium Entertainment, will be about a video game company. It will be silly, update daily, be a simple 3-panelish style comic, black and white, and hopefully be baby steps and tiny bites enough that I can work on it “daily”. Working on a Morrowind Comic issues takes hours upon hours for me. I put too much into it. So by making something like this, it should be less serious for me, and easier to do!

I may not be able to explain it properly, but I got inspiration and I’m not putting it down when I got it. To start up another webcomic while I’ve got these two going without having more skill, time, and resources… now that would be lunacy. But this is just foolish. I can handle foolish.