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    So apparently Google indexed me recently. I’ve gotten a few hits from people searching for “inking tutorial” and went looking — I’m somehow result number six (on page one). I wonder if people just don’t have them or if I used some kind of obscure wording that people don’t normally use.

    I really need to get this site looking prettier. It’s hard to read right now, and has a placeholder banner at the top. How embarassing. You know what… how many people actually looked at this index page last month. Oh wow. Almost 700 page loads? Ya… I’m embarassed.

    Off the record, Gimpy, the author of Hustle (webcomic), has plans to restart it. A month, a year, who knows. He didn’t like the start, and a new one is planned. So look forward to it, because Gimpy’s a funny guy with pretty art.

    And I think found a friend to encourage me to start drawing in the Gimpy Stick sketch gallery again (yay!) so that may start getting updated once more.

    Threw up my todo list on the left. I think I oughta start working on it.