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  • Pointy Sticks and Paul Graham

    I purchased a new domain name. A friend recommended it, it was available, and I’ve been needing one for a while.


    Currently, it’s housing a make-shift portfolio. I’ve applied for an internship at Virtrium for my senior year at college. You may remember Virtrium as they released a press release that had my name on it. Don’t know if I’ll get the internship or not, but everything I’ve seen of them shows they’re really great people. So it would be awesome to get it.

    At some point in the future, I will make skaarj.com redirect to pointystick.org and ask people to update their bookmarks. Maybe around Christmas, maybe later. The redirect will likely last a significant amount of time, after which I will repurpose skaarj.com with a more appropriate thing than my personal blog and etc.

    Also, I recently learned of this Paul Graham guy. I’m sure he’s someone famous, as it certainly seems that’s the case, but I’ve only just recently been made aware he exists when Soft Linden twittered about him. He does something like I do — taking established conventions, realizing something’s horribly wrong, and puts forth the truth of the matter — except whereas I write something like bad poetry, he writes stuff like Mark Twain. Definitely worth giving some of his essays a read.


    I’ve only read a couple, but How to Do What You Love caught my eye, and speaks things on the subject I’ve been telling people for years, and other things I hadn’t even thought of.

    (On another note, Alex’s Soapbox on The Daily WTF has some very insightful things in the same vein as “why hasn’t anyone else figured this out already?” style of thought.)

  • Recent Events

    Last Friday and Saturday I went to the 2D or not 2D animation festival. It was awesome. I got to meet amazing people like Barry Cook and Dean Yeagle and Michel Gange. Of course, my DigiPen professor Tony White was there, seeing as he was hosting the festival in the first place.

    After getting an exclusive first look on Gange’s upcoming game and getting a bunch of stuff signed by him, and watching some fantastic shorts like Chicken Cowboy, and listening to an orchestra at close range (they took up half the big room the final mingle was in) I went back to my car and found a car window and my backpack missing. Whoops.

    Let that be a lesson to everyone: Don’t leave tempting unknowns sitting around where someone may see it. Save yourself some trouble. Now I gotta buy a new backpack, a new sketchbook, and some new charcoal. I feel kinda sorry for the guy who stole it… he risked the law for… well, nothing.

    So I got home, and my good friend tek_hed who’d lent me a Wacom tablet for the past many years, finally needed it back. So I was now tabletless.

    Feeling sorry for myself, and a bit stupid for getting my backpack stolen, I went and ordered a new toy. A 12″ Cintiq. Seeing as it was only $400 more than the $600 for a new tablet, I figured I might as well splurge. Man, this stuff is expensive. It should get here in a week or two.

    But wait, that’s not all!

    I got an email from Rick Simmons, CEO of Virtrium LLC about a press release he was making about my Seawolf dragons..

    I think I’m getting ahead of myself, as I haven’t mentioned the dragons here yet. The dragons link above should explain a bit about them. They’re an avatar available for Second Life that use a bug (that hadn’t been exploited previously) to increase the size of your avatar. I don’t have any size references images or even videos handy, so I’m just going to give a link to an image of the vendor location. The top of the smallest dragon’s head is about as tall as a normal person. If you have Second Life, you can visit the location inworld by clicking this SLurl.

    Oh, and Left 4 Dead came out. Valve’s latest masterpiece, and more proof that finding awesome people and buying them into the company is a very smart idea.

  • DreamKeepers Happenings

    For those of you that don’t know, I’m really big on webcomics. I have several that I read regularly, and odds are I’ve at least heard of it if it’s worth mentioning.

    A while back, I came across a webcomic called DreamKeepers. It was cute, funny, entertaining, well drawn, and all around neat.

    One of the things I hate about webcomics is when they give you like five pages and then they’re all “Oh, HA! You thought this was a free comic! No, we just put five pages of our published comic online. Now you should buy it.”

    Another solution, which I find much better, is the route that Digger took. You get two hundred and eighty five comics, and then you have to pay to see the rest. BUT, if you’re good with schedules, you can see the current page every day. I would much prefer if there was some large gap in the middle that was moving, so you could keep reading you’d just be behind. But it’s a lot less evil than just putting up a couple pages.

    The least evil solution I’ve seen, which is why I purchased DreamKeepers when I’ve never purchased a dead-tree version of a webcomic before, was that not only did it offer a small sample of the book version (19 pages) but it has a pre-book webcomic that’s updated weekly.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to read the DreamKeeper’s physical comic book. It arrived and my mom saw it. She said, “Hey, I wasn’t allowed to have comic books when I was a kid,” took it, and walked off, thumbing through it. Based on the webcomic, I have no doubts about its quality.

    In other news, I still need to post my past grades. I don’t even know when the last time I posted them was. And I don’t know if I’ve posted my upcoming fall schedule, either.

    I will make a post when my Seawolf project is finished for Second Life, though. If I haven’t mentioned it, I make Boats with a friend. We’re working on something else now, though, but have been careful not to make the information public and only gotten the opinion of close friends and professionals. It’s really, really, really awesome though. Really.

  • Whoops, and Stuff

    My /var drive filled up and MySQL started freaking out and stuff. As such, much of the site wasn’t accessible. I’ve fixed the problem, supposedly permanently. Not totally sure — need to check up on it in a month.

    Here’s some videos and stuff I’ve been sent recently. Fun stuff.

    Media Photo Fraud (bad news)

    Using DDR for… Dance? (neat)

    Tetris Car (funny)

  • YTMND Links

    I don’t normally cruise ytmnd.com, but my brother had a few things he wanted to show me, and I found it really interesting how something can be found, spoofed, improved, spoofed, and just made to be really funny.

    A little history. In the movie Finding Forester (good movie), Sean Connery spoke the words “You’re the man now, dog!” Someone took a picture and put it to the sound bite, and a new internet fad was born that eventually developed into the ytmnd.com site that everyone knows today.

    Having said that, I present you with the following links that had me hurting with laughter. Please note that these contain sounds and pictures. And occasionaly to get them to sync right you need refresh the page after loading it.

    Baking Cakes


    Cosby Pokemon
    http://billcosbypokemon.ytmnd.com/ (original)


  • New Webcomic: ehunno

    I’ve been pestering a friend of mine to start a webcomic for a while, and with the help if his girlfriend he’s finally gone and done it!

    The comic, called ehunno, can be found at http://ehunno.tragically1337.net/ but will be found at http://www.ehunno.com/ as soon as the whole registration and nameserver mess clears up.

    I spent most of today setting up a slightly modified version of Trivium’s comic engine on his server. The Trivium comic engine (and before that, the Morrowind comic engine) was supposed to be a “professional” project for me that I would eventually finish and sell/give to people that wanted to make webcomics, and it would be so easy to set up and use that anyone could do it. I never did finish it, so it’s got little holes all over the place, but it works well enough for my needs. I had to mess with it terribly to get it function on his server with most of his layout. And there were a few tweaks he wanted to make it behave differently.

    The deal that I made with them is that they’ll update twice a week while I’m updating Trivium three times a week. I’m looking forward to what those two come up with!

  • Finally Updated!

    I got my news engine shelled out in a basic form, all the main news posts thrown in it, and fun stuff like that.

    I’d like to thank Kaelira for helping me with the colors and layout. I’ve always had a problem with colors.

    I’ve been afraid to update because the main page was getting long and I didn’t really want to delete all the old stuff to make room for new ones. So now I can create a news archive page when I have time and only show so many on one page.