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  • What I Plan

    Currently I’m focusing my time on finishing http://www.boosterlogic.com/. I wanted to have it done by today, but things didn’t work out as well as I’ve planned, so I’m hoping to get it done by the end of the week.

    After I’m done binging on that, I plan on outputting three or four or more Morrowind Comics for a couple of weeks. At the same time my website goals are, in this order: 1) Give Gimpystick greater functionality, 2) Build a news engine for Skaarjonastick.com, 3) Build a gallery engine for Skaarjonastick.com.

    Once I have the news/gallery engines in place, however simple, I can tinkler with and customize them at my leisure. The hard part is just going to be getting a good base implimented first. For those that are unfamiliar with my habits, I don’t like using pre-built software. I like to build things myself. That way they do exactly what I want, when I want it, and I can more easily change anything when I want to because it’s in my style.

    The hard part for me is going to be getting a new visual layout. I want something that I can use all over the site — for Trivium Entertainment, my Morrowind Comic, this site, the galleries, Gimpystick, and anything else I have. I’ve asked around for some help, but everyone I know is as busy as I am. We’ll see what happens, I suppose.

    After I’ve spent a few weeks on my own website, I’m going to see about getting a job. Of course, with how communication is going with a friend of mine, I may end up with a 9-5 job before I want it.

  • Throwing Around Ideas

    I’ve got a few new ideas and some old ideas, and I wanted to write them down somewhere. I figured here is good enough.

    My current plans for the Morrowind Comic are to finish it before Oblivion comes out. I’ve heard dates ranging from October to December for a release, so I’ll just have to try to get it done as fast as I can. My goal of two comics a week hasn’t been going very well, but I’m still trying to get as many done as I can.

    I’ve said a few things about after I finish the Morrowind Comic.
    1) I’m never working on two comics concurrently again.
    2) After I finish my Morrowind Comic, I’m going to try getting my proposed figure tutorial going.

    I may not be the best at drawing, but I’m good at figuring things out and troubleshooting, so I should be able to provide some information in the tutorial that’s useful.

    It was also mentioned that I oughta make an inking tutorial so people can be aware of how I ink my comics. It’s been mentioned that the linework on them is very clear. I’ll see if I can’t get some kind of tutorial like that up and running sometime, too.