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  • New Server, New Promises

    There was an electrical problem today and it caused the router and cable modem to be offline for an hour or two. When they came back up, my Comcast IP of some time was no longer my IP. I called Comcast and they said that the “persistent IP” feature that I was counting on hasn’t been offered for years, which means a reliable IP address is no longer something I can rely on.

    What this means to you, is that I can no longer host websites out of my house. Which makes me very sad. If you’re reading this, it means I’ve moved to a different host. And since I’m not dealing with everything myself, that has the potential to involve other people in the dangers of using Epic‘s intellectual property: the name “Skaarj.”

    In an effort to ward off any potential lawsuits, I’m going to play the “fansite” card and try to hide behind it. To begin, I’ll include the following, replayed from Epic’s fansite policy:

    Section 2 — Disclaimer

    2.1 Epic requires that a disclaimer be used in conjunction with your use of Epic IP. The required disclaimer is provided below. You must display the disclaimer on each web page of your Fan Site and on any web page containing your Fan Art, as well as on the Fan Art itself.

    “Portions of the materials used are ®, ™,(mr), and/or (mc) Epic Games, Inc., and/or copyrighted works of Epic Games, Inc., in the United States of America and elsewhere. All rights reserved, Epic Games, Inc. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Epic Games, Inc.”

    Assuming that the name “Skaarj” is Epic Intellectual Property, the above disclaimer is now displayed on the site, and will be included in the footer of every page before it scrolls off the front page updates. I’ll have to put that in the fanarts, too, it seems.

    Hope that works!

    Edit 25/09/2011: Skaarj is not a registered trademark, and you cannot copyright a name. I believe there are some laws out there specifically regarding domain names. But I don’t know the specifics.

  • Skaarj Poster

    Some number of months ago (more than half a year, I think) I discovered a program called The Rasterbator. It takes an image and turns it into “dots” like newspaper pictures, but at a much larger size. This lets you grossly enlarge an image without the “jaggies” or “fuzzies” that happen when you make it too big.

    I used it, because it was neat and it’s fun to try out neat things. I finally settled on a Skaarj picture that looked rather cool. But there were two problems after I used it.

    1) I didn’t have a paper cutter to put all the pieces together.
    2) The printer ran out of black ink halfway through the printing.

    The second item went unnoticed until just recently when I was putting it together.

    In any case, the printout was 7×5 pages, and made for a very large poster. Here it is, with a reference shot of me (cut off about at the knees) in the lower right corner. The image has been edited to remove clutter and a doorframe.

    Rasterbated Skaarj Poster