DigiPen Fall 2006 Grades

Edit: Yay, I got all my grades!

Due to the power outage, getting my grades has been delayed. I was supposed to have all of the grades by midnight of December 20th, but at that point I only had two. I recently got two more, which leaves me bald of two classes still. Here’s my grades so far:

Animation 101 – Intro to Animaton – B
Film 115 – Film History – B
Art 115 – Art History – B
English 116 – Storytelling – B
Art 101 – The Language of Drawing – B+
Biology 100 – Visual Perceptions – B+

So far I’ve got a rather solid B (3.0) average. I really don’t know what I’m going to get in Bio or Art 101. But if I had to guess… I’d say a B in both.

And with my last two B+s, I’ve now got a 3.09 GPA.