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Fall 2006 DigiPen Schedule

Edit: I’ve added FLM 115. I didn’t have it before because the Monday class was full and the Tuesday class was in the way of another class that I’d have to move two classes and sign up for a different full class to take. So I called them and they moved the Tuesday Film class to accomodate me. I feel special.

DigiPen Fall 2006 semester starts September 5th, registration is due on the 20th of June (this month). So I’m all registered, and this is what I got:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 AM          
09:30 AM   ART 115   ART 115  
10:00 PM          
10:30 PM          
11:00 PM     ANI 101    
11:30 PM          
12:00 PM ANI 101 ART 101      
12:30 PM          
01:00 PM          
01:30 PM          
02:00 PM          
02:30 PM         ART 101
03:00 PM          
03:30 PM BIO 100   BIO 100    
04:00 PM   ENG 116   ENG 116  
04:30 PM          
05:00 PM          
05:30 PM   FLM 115      
06:00 PM          
06:30 PM          
07:00 PM          
07:30 PM          
08:00 PM          
08:30 PM          

And the classes:

ANI 101: Introduction to Animation – Theories and Techniques
This course introduces students to the principles of animation through classical animation techniques. Students will explore the art of creating convincing movement through good timing, spacing, and drawing. Works of master animators will be screened and analyzed frame-by-frame to illustrate the principles covered in class, and students will put their knowledge to work through a series of exercises. The ultimate goal of both this course and its sequel is to introduce methods by which animators “act” and bring characters to life through sequential images.

ART 101: The Language of Drawing
This course explores the nature of drawing as a language skill and the use of drawing by production artists and animators. Applied drawing goals and critical thinking skills will be given special consideration. Students will be introduced to basic professional habits in drawing practice, drill, and play. Design principles, basic research, and the design process will be introduced and applied to a series of practical problems. This course also explorse basic drawing materials, drawing strategy, drawing sequence, linear drawing methodology, practice, and theory.

ART 115: Art and Technology
This course provides an overview of art history from Paleolithic times until the modern day. It traces the technological advances of society and art and considers the interplay between art and technology. Classical art materials and methods will be examined and students will explore how art has historically impacted society. This course has a worldwide scope and is not limited to just European and Western traditions.

BIO 100: Visual Perception
This course explores the nature of human visual perception. Beginning with the physics of light and anatomy of the human eye, the course examines how human beings process light information and use this data to survive. Additionally, students will examine neuro-physiology, perceptual physchology, and artistic traditions. The course will give special consideration to the modern technologies and professional uses of this knowledge.

ENG 116: Storytelling
Students will explore the nature of storytelling. Beginning with the psychosocial drive to tell stories, this course will expose students to the historical traditions of storytelling in all forms. The course covers the classical elements of story structure, traditional story goals, and critical thinking strategies for matchnig story form to a specific goal. Through a series of oral and written exercises, students will hone their storytelling skills. The course will emphasize telling stories with time restrictions and the modern commercial applications of both linear and non-linear storytelling.

FLM 115: History of Film and Animation
Description: This course examines the more than 100-year history of film and animation. Beginning with the scientific and technical advances that made these media technologies possible, students will explore every major movement and genre as well as their impact on society. The course will give special consideration to examining all of the various professional outlets for this technology.

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