Gimpystick Lives!

Gimpystick, for those that are unfamiliar with it, was originally a site where Gimpy and I could sketch a five minute picture a day, upload it, and over time see how we improve. The purpose of Gimpystick is to get us drawing at least five minutes every day, practicing something we’d like to improve on.

It had a few problems though. 1) It started filling up rather quickly and I was too lazy to put in pagination. 2) It only supported two artists. 3) It was a pain to actually switch a new artist in if the old one found himself unable to continue. And sadly, people only tend to stick with something like this for a month or two.

So I took some time and fixed it up! Gimpystick now supports however many artists want to participate — but only those that have updated within the last two months appear on the main page. (Or, if no one has updated in the last month, the two most recent updates are shown) It’s not entirely done, as I still haven’t gotten pagination for the authors page in yet nor a list of participating authors, but I really like how it’s turned out so far!

Go ahead and take a look and tell me what you think!