Gimpystick New Members and Updates

We’ve had three people join Gimpystick since I last made an announcement, bringing the total active members up to 11. To be honest, I never expected Gimpystick to get, in a year, as big as it is now. I guess there’s more demand for this than I thought.

The new members of Gimpystick are Smight, sunshine_ley, and Kagrenak! Welcome to our little community!

I have also just given Gimpystick an update. By popular demand (well, one friend threatened to do it himself if I didn’t), I have released the ability to leave comments earlier than anticipated. I’ve also redone the way the date displays work to hopefully be more readable and useful. Feedback is appreciated.

Up and coming features include:
-“non-artist” accounts so everyone can leave comments
-more features for comments, such as notification when new comments or a reply to one of your comments are received.

Further-out features include:
-private messages (PMs)
-upload preview
-Gimpystick showcase