Horizons Screenshots

It’s been about two years, but I finally got around to sorting my Horizons screenshots. I even added a few to it that I took recently while participating in a 14-day trail they opened up.

The highlight of my screenshots is a poorly documented story (through intermittent screenshots and file names) of my journey to game coordinates 0,0. The trip there takes about two hours, most of it walking through … well… nothing. Though there are some interesting highlights, especially for those that play the game. For example, one-time quest NPCs are usually stored at 0,0, among other things.

As a reference the coordinates 0,0 are the Southwest corner of the game. Back in beta (if I recall correctly) the most Southwest corner of the actual continent is around the city Sslanis and is 15000,15000. (Currently it is still 15000,15000, but is an island. Sslanis is around 20000,22000. So I’m either confused, or the tectonic plates really drifted in the past few years.) The land point furthest Northeast are around 27000,40000, making a total of about 12000×26000 “meter” land area (except for all the water between the islands, so cut 1/3rd or so out).

Anyway, it’s a long walk to 0,0. Roughly equal to walking from one corner of the world of Horizons to the other. It is no longer possible to make this journey on foot because the water actually kills you when you drown instead of forcing you into a cancelable recall.

Anyway, here’s my Horizons screenshot directory: