New Webcomic: ehunno

I’ve been pestering a friend of mine to start a webcomic for a while, and with the help if his girlfriend he’s finally gone and done it!

The comic, called ehunno, can be found at but will be found at as soon as the whole registration and nameserver mess clears up.

I spent most of today setting up a slightly modified version of Trivium’s comic engine on his server. The Trivium comic engine (and before that, the Morrowind comic engine) was supposed to be a “professional” project for me that I would eventually finish and sell/give to people that wanted to make webcomics, and it would be so easy to set up and use that anyone could do it. I never did finish it, so it’s got little holes all over the place, but it works well enough for my needs. I had to mess with it terribly to get it function on his server with most of his layout. And there were a few tweaks he wanted to make it behave differently.

The deal that I made with them is that they’ll update twice a week while I’m updating Trivium three times a week. I’m looking forward to what those two come up with!