Snow Totals Cars

Earlier yesterday I went out for a bite to eat. It was raining, surprise surprise. On the way back the rain had little ice chunks in it.

“Aw, how cute,” I thought! “It’s trying to snow!”

When I left school that evening, it was snowing, but it was only sticking a little on the grass. By the time I was halfway home, I was driving behind a snowplow and I couldn’t see the lines on the road.

When I got to that last turn before my house, I took a couple runs at it, and found I couldn’t get up the hill. So I parked down on the main road, inches off the guardrail, away from side-streets and turns where people were likely to hit me, and well on the other side of the non-visible white line. Then I walked the short distance home.

My mom woke me up this morning with a phone call to tell me she saw some damage on my car, and I should take some pictures and drive it home.

I put on a coat and shoes and walked down, and found out the following.

1) It was a hit and run. No note was left.

2) It was undrivable. The tire would get shredded if I tried to drive it. Oh, and there was a four inch gash in the tire already.

3) The car that did it was white.

A short while ago, I was making a u-turn, didn’t have as much clearance as I thought, and hit the sidewall of my tire on the curb pretty hard, destroying a tire. The tread on my tires was low, so I already had a new set of four tires at home. I put on a spare and drove home.

Note: Always put the spare on a tire that doesn’t drive the car. I ripped out a front tire, and mine is front wheel drive. I should have switched it with a back tire, and put the spare on the back. I didn’t know this, and fortunately nothing bad came of it.

So yeah, the tires were rather new.

The good news is that insurance looks like it’ll cover it.

Edit: A note was later found stuffed completely in the mirror. Our insurance just passed the information over to their insurance, and it was no skin off our nose.