Zoo Visit

I went to the zoo today! Yay! Well, it’s after midnight… so yesterday. My purpose there was to draw some “life drawings” for my art portfolio to submit to the college I’m trying to get in to. Unfortunately, zoo animals don’t sit still very well. Fortunately, I brought my camera.

Now life drawings can’t be done from a photo, because you need a 3D reference to draw from. So while the only life drawing I did was of a sleeping parrot, I did get some neat pictures. And here they are:


The zoo is called the Cougar Mountain Zoo, and it’s about a block up from my house. All I had to do was walk up there and pay the fee. I had been smart enough to bring extra batteries for when my camera died, which turned out I needed, but I didn’t bring an extra pencil. And it just so happens I dropped mine somehow on the way to the zoo, so I had to borrow one from the nice people there.